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Critical Analysis

No description

Cinndy Tu

on 30 August 2015

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Transcript of Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis On Discovery
To This Day Project- Shane Koyczan
Koyczan' short film displays a significant impact to an individual's perception as it gives an idea of realisation where one has to accept that they cannot live up to the society's standards.
Attitude- Pragati Ghosh
Short Essay onn Attitude, conveys how attitudes can heavily influenced one's behaviour by understanding how discovery occurs within an individual, attitudes can gradually grow through the uncertainty of self-identity.
Own Understanding Of Discovery
Knowledge is an aspect of discovery.
It is not always about the hidden places, but also the understanding of the significance of self-identity. It's about the important concepts that circulate in society, which invites and shapes critical thinking.
Attitudes can be shaped when an individual is under a certain condition, which makes them respond in such as way they have due to personal experiences.
Connection about both discoveries.
Through both related texts, it is understood that attitudes are highly influenced by society's values and standards, capable of being depicted as a worsened aspect of the human mind.
Own Understanding Of Discovery
Through society's criticism, it establishes a reflection to the responder that can form perceptions of a relationship with one's identity and the community.
Own Understanding Of Discovery
An individual's sense of curiosity is explored through the better understanding and renewed perceptions of themselves and others.
Own Understanding Of Discovery
By shaping one's perspective and the behaviour, attitudes can heavily impacted to the point where the individual is influenced on his life's pattern and his personal thinking which account for his attitude.
One does not simply discover what is found through the journey of life but discovering their individuality makes a difference.
In the interior of each individual lies a compelling urge for change and growth into a deeper state of existence.
Own Understanding Of Discovery
It is not always about the outcome of discovery which makes the individual realise their worthiness but what kind of process the individual has taken under the certain condition.
Own Understanding Of Discovery
An individual's sense of curiosity often leads them to investigate on the issue, confirm it with evidence and accepting the truth.
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