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Wednesday Jan 28th, 2015

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Wednesday Jan 28th, 2015

Wednesday, Jan 28th 2015
Bell Ringer - Character Development
Music Literacy
Character Development Journal Entries listed on course outline for January are due this Friday.
Rehearse the three classroom procedures:

the classroom
during instructional time
the classroom
Wiggle Time
* Class Discussion
Last 10 min of
Class - "The Emperor's Club"
Each Wednesday
Sight Singing with Mrs. Hawkins 5min/day
3 min
Intro to Piano Discussion
Practice all period
The next 12 min of "Life
is Beautiful" - a film about
positivity in the darkest of life's circumstances.
Honors Choir
Bell Ringer - Character Development
*Class Discussion*
Last 12 min of
Class - "Life is Beautiful"
10 min of "The Emperor's Club" - a film about personal character and
leaving behind a positive legacy.
Beg and Int. Choirs
If at the home screen click on "Paino Maestro"
Select start a lesson with a student
Select your name
Select "Library"
Select "Exercises"
Select "Skills"
Select "5 Finger Position
Earn 3 stars on all exercises
Once completed, please come tell me : )
Welcome! Please have a seat
and begin the bell ringer.
Instructions for using the iPads
Never forget, you are the cream of the crop, some of the best that WCW has ever seen. : )
Piano Day!
Beginning Level Piano
Those interested in learning intermediate piano
please raise your hands
. Up to five students will be chosen to follow Mrs. Hawkins to
M3, grab a keyboard
on your way out, and
headphones or earbuds
(if you have some).
To qualify for intermediate piano instruction
one must first pass all the exercises in the five finger position with three stars.
Intermediate Piano Player Procedures:
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