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8th Grade Portfolio

No description

Kahtina Lorenzo

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of 8th Grade Portfolio

8th Grade Portfolio
Table Of Contents
Slide 1
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Table of Contents
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Student Learning Expectation #1
Slide 4

Student Learning Expectation #2
Slide 5


Student Learning Expectation #3

Slide 6

Student Learning Expectation #4
Slide 7


Student Learning Expectation #5
Slide 8


Student Learning Expectation #6
Slide 9

Essential Question
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Student Learning Expectation #:1
Catholic Values
EQ. "Is your Catholic Identity showing and does my Catholic Identity go beyond the school walls?"
Student Learning Expectation #2:
A strong foundation in all curriculum areas
Student Learning Expectation #3
Interpersonal Skills
EQ. "How am I learning from observing and listening to someone else?"
Student Learning Expectation #4
Proficient Communication
EQ: "How do I communicate what I mean?"
Student Learning Expectation #5
Global Awareness
EQ. "How have I become aware of what's beyond me?"
Student Learning Expectation #6
Life Long Learning
School Wide Essential Question
EQ. "Have I gained a life long learning attitude while at SES and how do I intend to keep it going in the future?"
Evidence 2: SLE #1
Evidence 1: SLE #2
Evidence 2: SLE #2
Evidence 3: SLE #2
Evidence 2: SLE #3
Evidence 3: SLE #3
Evidence #1: SLE #4
Evidence 1: SLE #5
Evidence 2: SLE #5
Evidence #2 : SLE #4
Evidence #1: Essential Question
Evidence #2: Essential Question
Evidence #3: Essential Question
Evidence #1: SLE #6
Evidence #2: SLE #6
My life is just like a flower. I bloom every time I make the right choices and grow each time I make a mistake.

Prezi Made By:
Kahtina Lorenzo
6th-8th grade: Operation Christmas Child
Evidence #3: SLE #1
Evidence #2: SLE #3
Evidence #3: SLE #4
Evidence #3: SLE #5
8th grade: Math 8 Survey
Evidence #3: SLE #6
7th grade: Challenger Center Hawaii Certificate
EQ: "How has my education here at SES produced the "whole child" in me and how will it benefit me in future endeavors and challenges?"
EQ: "Am I prepared for high school?"
Evidence #1: SLE #1
8th grade: 3rd Quarter Community Service
Keep Christ in Christmas
2nd grade: Multiplication times table
8th grade: 1st Quarter Parent-Teacher Conference Report
1st grade: Art Work
5th grade: My 2010 goals
5th grade: Letter to Sr. Bernarda
6th grade: "No Homework!" Speech
6th grade: Report based on Chinese Tea
7th grade: Personal Explanation
5th grade: 4 kinds of Maps!
5th grade: Brochure upon the rain forests.
6th grade: Science Foldables to keep me organized!
6th grade: achievements based upon my Student Learning Expectations.
8th grade: Principles List Certificate

1st grade: Own version of my ten commandments.
8th grade:
Professional Day Evaluation
5th grade: Notes to myself

Thank you!

I now have to step out into the real world, be an outgoing person and this is my only chance that I can shine.
Example: Political map
Kahtina Lorenzo
Religion and Science 8
May 1, 2014
Portfolio: Prezi

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