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Cam Ritchie

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of JAMES RIADY

Allan Pierre Louis
Cam Ritchie
Chantell Webster

1. Who is James Riady?
2. What does he do?
3. Case Study Questions


James Riady
James Riady
James Tjahaja Riady
Age 57
Born in Jakarta
Bachelor of Commerce
Evangelistic Christian
Executive Chairman of the Board, Lippo China Resources Limited

source: http://sp.beritasatu.com/ekonomidanbisnis/james-riady-raih-the-most-favourite-leadership-of-the-year-2011/11855
1. What Characteristics of the various leadership styles outlined in this chapter are evident in James Riady?
The functions: Leading, organising, planning, controlling

Early in his career he wanted to combine business and politics, in turn, saw him as believed to be conspiring to defraud the US

Interview with University of Pennsylvania helped explain his career path and leadership values

Started education program upon returning to Indonesia;

Pelita Harapan Foundation
Fiedler's Contingency Model

Good leadership depends on the match between leadership style, and the demands of the situation
Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model
Leaders adjust their style depending on the maturity of their followers
House's Path-Goal Theory
A good leader gives tasks that when achieved, followers accomplish task-related goals, and also personal goals.
Fiedler's contingency model
Riady changed location from the United States to Indonesia, he had to change his leadership style to adapt to the cultural difference, and the new market environment.
source: https://ttgindo.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/clinton-james-riady-huang.jpg?w=700&h=466
Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model
Riady explained how he failed to comprehend the maturity of the United States market, and their followers.
Due to this fact, he admitted to making lots of mistakes.
After his return to Indonesia, he knew where to look to adapt his style, to enhance his leadership performance.
House's Path-Goal Theory
James Riady shows great concern for his followers and the Indonesian community.
In allocating tasks Riady ensured that both the task was completed, as well as personal goals.
source: http://motivasi-beritanews.blogspot.com.au/2014/08/mafiawar-23-bukti-kuat-james-riady.html
2. What sources of power and influence does James Riady possess?
Reward Power
Offering rewards to influence people

Coercive Power
To punish those who do not work as well
Legitimate Power
To influence people through your formal position
Reward Power
Bill Gross - founder of Idealab influenced his followers by offering reward incentives.

James Riady created education programs which gave thousands of people the opportunity to go to school.

source: http://assets.nerdwallet.com/blog/investing/files/2012/08/billgross.jpg
Coercive Power
Even though Riady has been called unjust and unforgiving to those who don't believe him, he always gets the task done through the use of coercive power.
Legitimate Power
Steve Jobs - Assigned tasks to staff, pushing their limits and creativity within their respected fields.

James Riady - Used his legitimate power to assign tasks, create new projects, and work with the company. This will ensure the outcome benefits society and the Lippo Group.
source: http://images.boomsbeat.com/data/images/full/209/jobs-jpg.jpg
Personal Power
Expert Power
- being able to influence followers using knowledge
Referent Power
- influencing others by identification
Expert Power
James Riady uses expert power in that he has been honored for his outstanding leadership skills at the Indonesian Property and Bank Awards
Referent Power
Riady uses referent power in that:
he has helped enhance the Indonesian economy
helped develop schools and medical centers
Lippo Group is know for sponsorships in education
strong Democrat
Riady influences through his various attributes from the sources of power, and through his success.
Transactional -
Directs staff through tasks to complete day-to-day
Transformational -
Inspires followers to achieve more
3. Would you describe James Riady as more of a transactional or a transformational leader?
Transactional Leader
Joseph McCarthy -
U.S Senator during Cold War
Was so sure that Soviet spies were in America, he hired people to expose these spies
Even with little evidence backing allegations, McCarthy rewarded those who gave him names, despised those who failed
Transformational Leader
Walt Disney -
Watched over his emplyees and guided them through their work, offering advice and inspiration
Gave great benefits to his staff to inspire them to work to their best ability
source: http://www.conservapedia.com/images/thumb/f/fa/Joseph_McCarthy.jpg/200px-Joseph_McCarthy.jpg
source: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110930222635/disney/images/8/82/Waltdisney4.jpg
James Riady
Transactional -
Riady is known to do anything to accomplish a task, even if it ends up with him getting in trouble
He has been known to push his staff to get the day to day activities completed, no room for failure
Transformational -

Focuses on more than just the day to day, he focuses on social causes, welfare problems, and education. He doesn't just look in black and white, he see's everything as the bigger picture and inspires people to do more
source: http://www.ypph.org/asset/images/dr_james_t_riady.JPG
Which definition is this?
"Leaders adjust their leadership style due to the maturity of their followers"
Fiedler's contingency model
Coercive Power
Hersey-Blanchard situational leadership model
Hersey-Blanchard situational leadership model
Which one is James Riady?
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