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No description

olivia feld

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of ZipCar

A Unique Concept
Unique value
What is Zip Car Concept?
Car Sharing is a model of Car Rental where subscribers rent car per hour or per the day
How does it works?
A new, low-cost, convenient alternative to owning an automobile for drivers.
Members make their reservation online
Server sends the reservation to the black box telling the car when and for whom to unlock the door
The member use Zipcard to unlocks enables the start and starts a belling record.
Billing Data:
-back to the server wirelessly
-Billed in real time
Advantages of Zip Car and differentiation with competitors
Is easy of use
Has Freedom to travel
Is Environmental friendly
The company aim to deliver a service that:
But to be different from its US Competitors it will emphasis more on the:
Cost Saving
About the Market
Market Size and Opportunity
Target Market
Urban Population in US Market
College-Educated Customers
In 99, 66 Millions Americans lived in the top 20 Metropolitan areas
US Market is large and untouched
20 Million Americans used public Transport to get to work
Few Competitors
Located in Canada
Car-Sharing Inc
Focus on Environmental impact
Boston: A Single Market
Large population of college-educated
Web-connected individuals
15,000 potential customers with 10,000 that can be reached by year 5.
Financial Prevision
Boston Financial Plan
Year 1
Year 3
Net Income Before Tax
Net Income Before Tax
Year 2
Net Income Before Tax
Year 4
Net Income Before Tax
Year 5
Net Income before tax
$498, 417
$70, 253
$ 725, 917
$904, 643
$1, 053, 688
Pricing Model
Annual Fee
Hourly Charge
Charges Per Miles
Refundable Security Deposit
Between $4.5
to $7
Non-refundable application Fee
Daily Rate
Thank you for your Attention!
Lease Cost
Parking Fees
Fuel Bills
$4. 800/ Car/ Year
$45/ Month
$99/ Month
$36/ Month
Start-up and
Overhead Cost
Start-up Cost
Corporate Overhead
$200, 000
$30, 000
$14, 000
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