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The Value Of Literature

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Taylor Lawson

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of The Value Of Literature

The Value Of Literature
Both protagonists face many conflicts since their real identities are hidden
Once the truth of there identities is revealed, each character is driven to react which is guided by the conscious
Literature is like a mirror to society
readers have the ability to visualize the texts importance and identify how it can either be seen or used in society.
readers are able to see the similarity between a situation in the novel and a situation in the factual world as it reflects daily situations one may face in society.
authours use theme, symbols, characters, etc and with these techniques we are able to identify the way we feel, act, and say in society in comparison to the text.
A Reliable Wife By: Robert Goolrick
Oedipus By: Sophcles
Insociety, people have witnessed and experienced the idea of deception within their lives on a daily basis. Studies show that the average person lies several times a day. (PsychologyToday). However, with these lies, there comes a consequence. Eventually, the truth will be revealed which creates major conflicts to an individual and people around them.
With his identity hidden, Oedipus is forced to leave Corinth and the people who loved him in order for the prophecy to not come true.
" Apollo once announced that I am destined to mate with my mother, and shed my father's blood with my own hand. That is why I have lived far away from Corinth" (Sophcles,__)
Since the identity of Oedipus is hidden, he does not realize, he faced this major conflict of leaving home to protect the ones he called his parents. In the end, Oedipus believes he is doing the right thing by leaving home but it is actually worse as he heads towards the town of his real parents.
Oedipus faces the biggest conflict through his hidden identity as he summons a curse upon himself without even knowing.
," As for the murder himself, I call down a curse on him, wheter that unknown figurebe one man or one among many. May he drag out an evil death- in- life in misery.
Because of the lies that were told of his true identity, Oedipus invented this curse upon himself not knowing the truth of his destiny and origins.
With his identity hidden, Antonio leaves home in order to profess in his music. However, while there, he faces a change in personality as he is seen as a hatred man"
As Antonio discovers the truth, he reacts with hatred towards his fatheras he reflects on his traumitizing past of his mother's death.
" He took my beautiful mother and he beat her until her teeth fell bloody to the floor. I saw this. He took me all the way to Chicago to make me watch. He was strong and he was atleast. He took her throat and strangled heruntil she was dead. I saw this. I was thriteen years old and i saw this... Why would I want his love? I want him dead"(Goolrick, 153).
As the truth is revealed, allows Antonio to remember his traumatic past and react on his anger towards his so called "father".

" Literatures world is a concrete human world of immediate experiences" (Frye)
In literature, we are able to identify the similarity of experiences that a character faces in a novel, to an experience in society
Both Antonio and Oedipus reacted upon their concious when the truth was revealed. However both men reacted with anger , hatred, and shame.
Similarly,in society, individuals face lies through their life. As the truth is risen, it can cause someone to react negatively because they are hurt of what the truth holds and devestated that it has been kept in secrecy.
Antonio reacts to his conscious as he is desperate to get revenge on Ralph for what he did to his mother.
," I want him dead.I want his money.I want him dead, and I don't want to see his face. I want to hear what his face looks like when he's dying, but I do not want to see it. I want his stomach to turn to ice. I want his teeth to rot in his face." (Goolrick,151).
With Antonio being revealed, he reacts to his emotions to plan revenge on his father. By this occurring, the truth of his identity guides his conscious into believing that revenge is the best way to deal with the truth.
As tiresias brings forward the truth, Oedipus reacts in an arrogant way by blaming Tiresias for his problem.
"yes take him away. While you're here you are a hindrance, a nuisance; once out of the way you won't annoy me any more" (Sophcles, 27)
Tiresias brings forth the truth but due to Oedipus indenial, he reverses the blame towards tiresias and says, " it has, except for you. You have no power or truth. You are blind, your ears and mind as well as eyes " (sophcles, 23)
With the result of the truth being revealed, Oedipus reacts towards his concious allowing his arrogance to come out because he does not agree with what Tiresias is saying.
Deception destroys the lives of characters when the truth about their identities are revealed
The slave brings forth the truth, creating Oedipus to act upon his concious as he results in exile and blinding himself.
" You must send me to exile, away from Thebes" (Sophcles, 82)
Because the slave revealed the truth, Oedipus turns towards his concious which takes him to believe blinding himself and exhile are the best reactions. Since the truth was so painful to conceive, it created Oedipus reacted in a destructive way.
Good fiction shows the inside of things . . . great fiction shows all these things working together; it lifts us briefly above the event horizon of our day-to-day existence and gives us a dreamlike (and godlike) sense of understanding of what life is about.” (Stephen King)
Literature is a way where we can understand what life is like. As authors project different aspects like themes and character, we are able to illustrate the similarity between the fictional and factual world.

Within Oedipus and Antonio, we are able to identify the parallel between fiction and factual through their character as we connect how individuals in society take on difficult tasks and put themselves in danger without even knowing that it is going to effect them
When the truth of identity is revealed, it has a tremendous impact not only on the protagonist but also on the secondary characters
As Antonio true identity revealed, it impacts Catherine as she is used in order to fufill his revenge.
" Antonio had lied to her, had liedto get her to believe something about Truitt that wasn't true, had described in detail a horrible, convulsive, murderous event that never happened. (244) ????????
Because his identity was shown, it impacted Catherine as she turned into his "puppet".
As Antonio's identity is finally revealed, takes a tremendous impact on Ralph as his life is in danger from his wife and his son.
In result of the truth being revealed, Ralph is impactd by it as he faces the possiblility of death and the lies of the loved ones
1. Have you ever lied to someone before? And if so, Why?
3. Did someone on every find out that you were lying to them ? Did that affect your relationship with them?
2. Have you had someone important in your life lie to you? How did you react when you found out the truth?
The truth of Oedipus' identity impacts Jocasta as she discovers she married her son, leading her to commit suicide
By: Taylor Kathleen Lawson
As a result, Catherine discovered that Antonio was only using her and that his story about Ralph was a lie. This instantly made her feel regret and ashamed of herself.
Antonio simply made her believe this horrid story of Ralph killing his mother and since she was inlove with Antonio, Catherine believe that if she killed him, they would live happily ever after
A very popular theme that is seen in various literature texts is the theme of apperance vs reality. More exacly, the idea of deception.
Authours examplify the idea of people being decieved in novels in orer to show how people in the real world go through the exact same problems, and the issues of what deception can do to an individual.
"He's always been Truitt's son. In San Francisco. In New York. He's a liar and a wastrel, but he's Truitts son.
As a result of Antonios identity being hidden, Antonio is seen as condemend man as he was sent to live all alone in Saint Louis.
Because of his identity, Antonio faces the biggest conflict as he constantly revolved around trouble making people see him as "unfixable"
"And there we saw Jocasta, hanging her neck caught in a swinging noose of rope" (Sophcles, 72)
"She came through the door in a fury passion and rushed staright towards her marriage bed, tearing at her hair with both hands . Into her bedroom she went, slammed the door behind her" (Sophcles, 72)
Because the truth was revealed, Jocasta was tremendously impacted because she discovered that she married and bared with her own son
In the end, Jocasta became overwhelemed with disgust and pain which caused her to take her own life.
As the truth of Oedipus identity was revealed, all his children became impacted as they found out they lost both of their parents.
"I weep for you- see you I cannot- when I think of your future, the bitter life you will lead, the way men will treat you. What gatherings will you go to, what festivals, without returning home in tears, instead of taking part in the ceremonies?" (Sophcles, 81)
With Oedipus' identity being revealed, his children are tremendously impacted because they will not grow up with a mother and father to protect and teach them throughout their life. Because the truth came out , the sons and daughters will not be able to live a normal because of possible torment of her father being her brother and the lonileness of not having their birth parents with them.
What you learned!!!

Literature illuminates the similarity between the fictional world and the factual world
Understand the different ways a situation may be taken at.
Shows readers the postive and negative aspects of society
teaches readers the challenges of life and the variety of outcomes as an individual takes on that challenge
Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become. ( C.S Lewis)

" Certain characters become important because they stand out from, or are immersed in a world of other human beings seen briefly, shallowly or in fragments. This kind of perspective corresponds to the varying quality of our relationships in the real world and like them, fluid and unstable" ( Harvey 235)
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Goolrick and Sophcles use the theme of deception within the lives of the character in order show readers the challenges and issues that the characters may face in comparision to society.
" A greater variety of viewpoints than we usually have most other people in actual life-that we may legitimately talk of the reality of fictional characters" (Harvey 232)
" He knew he was being poisioned. And he didn't care. He just didn't care anymore" (Goolrick 199)
"Envisage considering the value of literature in terms of affect, feeling, and experience" (Heath 134)
Similarily, individuals in society face challenges and issues that effect them all because they were lied too
revealing how individuals will exact conflicts that can be seen in literary texts.
Both Oedipus and Antonio face the conflict of leaving home all because the truth of their identity was hidden from them
When reading a novel, a reader can connect to a character in a text in order to expand our knowledge and perspective on society
As Catherine and Oedipus' children are impacted by the truth of identity, they become emotional effected as they face this new challenge.
Similarily in society, revealing the truth about something can emotionally, physically, or mentally effect an individual.
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Literature provides a varitey of perspectives on how different aspects of life are viewed.
Because the truth is revealed, both Catherine and the kids are filled with sorrow as they face betrayal and horror
In society, we can see the different ways that individuals interpert and react to different situations
Literature can show readers the reality of society and the different reactions that can be seen within a certain situation
Due to the fact that his identity was hidden, Antonio becomes isolated as he leaves home and becomes an "unwanted" man.
"He is a lost cause"
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