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Social Interaction

No description

Eric Davis

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Interaction

Social Construction of Reality
Constructing culture
Constructing the self
Constructing society
Social Interaction
Social Interaction

Shared experience through which 
people relate to one another
Social Roles
Set of expectations 
for people who occupy a 
given social position or status
Significant component of social structure
Social Networks
Series of social relationships that link individuals directly to others, and through them indirectly to still more people

Sometimes connections are intentional and public; other times networks link us together in ways that are
not intentional
Social Structure
Way in which
a society is organized 
into predictable relationships
Social positions we 
occupy relative to others
A person can hold more than 
one status simultaneously
“Selves can only exist in 
definite relationships to 
other selves. No hard-and-
fast line can be drawn 
between our own selves 
and the selves of others”
Ascribed Status
Social position 
assigned to a person by society 
without regard for the person’s 
unique talents or characteristics

Achieved Status
Social position 
that is within our power to change

Master Status
Status that dominates others and thereby determines a 
person’s general position in society
Role conflict
Situation that occurs 
when incompatible expectations 
arise from two or more social 
held by the same person
Role strain
Difficulty that arises when the same social
status imposes conflicting demands and expectations
Role Exit
Process of disengagement from role that is central to one’s 
self-identity in order to establish a new role and identity
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