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Sean Chen

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Experiment

Jack Lu
Sean Chen
Sophie Tao Plant Experiment Will a plant grow better if there was more competition? Question The plant with less competition will grow better. Hypothesis 3 flower pots of the same size
16 mung beans
Soil of the same kind enough to fill three flower pots
Ruler Materials Dependent
The height of the mung bean plant
the amount of mung bean seeds in one pot
Control group
The pot with 5 mung beans
Time/Weather/Water/Soil Variables 1. Label the flower pots.
2. Put in the same same amount of soil into each pot.
3. Put 1, 5, and 10 mung beens into the pots respectively.
4. Give them same amount of water and sunshine (placing them in the same spot).
5. Measure the height of the plants every 48 hours.
6. Record the observations. Method Introduction How does competition affect plant growth?
Does it affect plant growth? Collect Data 48 hours/observation using table photo in words Background Plants need resources
Inter-species competition
Intra-species competition Thanks for watching :D
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