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Six Degrees of Seperation

No description

Jay Raje

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Six Degrees of Seperation

6 Degrees of Separation
Boston Massacre (March 5th, 1770)
As a result of the English continous pestering the colonies (i.e. Proclamation of 1763, Stamp act. British troops etc.) the colonists protested, and as a result, a violent British response left several dead.
This was one of the turning points in the start of the revolution.
Declaration of Independence and American Revolution (1776-1783)
As a result of British continuous taxing and their unfair treatment of Americans, they decided to declare their independence and their rights to their own government.
The Americans won the war.


Find the Connection between

The Proclomation of 1763

New York Ratifying the Constitution
Constitutional Convention (1787)
The colonies realized the complete weakness of the federal government after the Articles of Confederation.
In order to make a better government, they produced the Constitution, the most important document in the United States' early history
Once they drafted it, they needed states to ratify
New York Ratifies
the Constitution (1788)
New York was one of the last states to ratify the Constitution
This was key in making the Constitution a universally accepted document, since New York was and is a fairly large state that is densely populated
The ratifying of the Constitution in this state was a big deal
Second Continental Congress (1781)
The second Continental Congress met in 1781
They ratified the Articles of Confederation, a new form of government that gave the states too much power, and made a very weak government
It was an attempt to set up an established government which had the power from the people, and was a result of the DOI and revolution
What do we know?
Proclamation of 1763
Issued by the English Government
Basically prohibited settlers from settling and going past the Appalachian Mountains
Followed the British acquisition of French land as a result of the Seven Year’s war.
This angered colonists and contributed towards their resentment of the English Government.
Proclamation of 1763
Boston Massacre (1770)
Declaration of Independence and American Revolution (1773-1783)
2nd Continental Congress (1781)
Constitutional Convention (1787)
New York Ratification of the Constitution
By: Jay Raje, Anand Patel, and Brandon Moore
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