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Question 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

No description

Lisa Waine

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Question 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Bubbly Teenager Girly Love Pop Music How? What does it say about my target audience? Happy Bright colours which are choosen by the target audeince in my audience research because the target audience choose the colours, they will relate to the magazine and will represent them as being loud and happy just like the colours. Photography the model on the front cover is smiling which shows her as being happy which represents my target audience and happy positive people, also the clothing my model is wearing is similar to what my target audeince wears. the photography of the Lily Allen concert used on both the contents page and double page spread, represnts my audience because in my audience research i discovered that they enjoy Lily Allens music and also enjoy attending concerts. Contents the contents of my magazine is made up entirely of the most the most popular POP music at the moment and has feature articles from the most popular bands/singers of the moment. This represnts my audience as this is the music they listen to. I have used informal writing throughout my production as this is how my target audience will communicate so it represnts them and by doing this i am also conforming to the codes and conventions. Layout My front cover has a very busy background with all the colours although i havnt given any additional information under my coverlines because with the famous names in them, they don't need any. Also there is a banner at the bottom of my front cover which includes popular singers which feature in the magazine. My contents page has a very simple layout despite the bright colours from the text and pictures. There are alot of pictures on my contents page and i found in my audience reasearch that my audience like alot of pictures, so this represents what my audience like in a magazine. My double page spread has an image of Lily Allen which takes up over a full page. This represents my target audience as throughout my research i found they like big images of celebrities, also as the title of my article i have used a pun of one of Lily Allens most popular songs.
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