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My Reading Timeline

No description

Sarah Lovingood

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of My Reading Timeline

My Reading Timeline
Parents Reading To Me
Reading To My Brother
When my younger brother was born, my parents had to dedicate a lot of their time at night to him, and so couldn't read to my older brother and I as often. So, I began reading to my older brother every night. Reading so often helped me to practice and improve my reading. This, along with loving the time with my brother, made me enjoy reading.
Pleasure Reading
After falling in love with reading at a young age, I found myself constantly reading. I wasn't a very outgoing child, so I found comfort in having "me time" to get lost in a book. My parents were very supportive of me reading - We have multiple book shelves stuffed with the books they bought me as a child.
Series Reading
From around fifth grade through Middle School, I was very into reading books in series. I began with the "Dear America" and "My America" books. These books were written in a diary format and set in a historical period. I got into these books after my mom bought one for me. She liked them for the history integrated in the stories. I then read every book in the "Series of Unfortunate Events" series. These books were eerie and kept me interested. As Middle School progressed, I also read "The Clique" series. These books had female characters near my age, and were popular books with my friends.
As a young child, my first interactions with reading were through my parents reading to me. We had a nightly ritual of my brother, my mom, my dad, and myself piling into my bed and my parents reading us stories. My brother's and my favorites were the Berenstain Bears and anything Dr. Seuss. I believe one of the reasons my parents made sure to make the time to read to us was because my mom is a teacher.
Reading for knowledge
When I got to college, I realized I now had less time for pleasure reading. I spend most of my reading time with textbooks, articles, and various other readings required by my classes.
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