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Wilbur and Orville Wright

No description

Amit Shah

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Wilbur and Orville Wright

Wilbur Wright 1867 1878 Orville Wright Toys: "The Bat" and Kites 1871 Printing Press 1884 Bicycle Shop 1892 Wanting to Fly 1896 Alok Shah as Wilbur
Abhiram Gadde as Orville Born April 16,1867 in Millville, Indiana

Named after Wilbur Fiske-his dad’s friends

More of a thinker than Orville


Liked Ice Hockey, Swimming, and Baseball

Wanted to be a minister but knocked out teeth and stayed home Born August 19,1871 in Dayton, Ohio

Named after Orville Dewey a clergyman that dad admired

Tinkered around more than Wilbur

Paper boy, collect scrap metal and sold it to junkyards-used money to buy tools When Wilbur was 11 and Orville was 7 our Dad gave us a toy called “The Bat” It was made of cork, paper, bamboo and rubber band that can fly.
It inspired us to fly. We made copies of the toy that kept getting bigger.

Kites-Orville at 10 made kites to make money while in school.
I cut the wood thin to make more kite from the same block of wood and the kite was more flexible. It was the best kite in Dayton, Ohio Our Childhood Family:
Mom: Susan Wright: Taught us how to build and create new things
Dad: Milton Wright: Away a lot
Older Brothers: Reuchlin and Lorin
Little Sister: Katharine

Moved a lot because of Dad’s job in the church

School: Mostly liked day dreaming during school.

Our parents gave us days off to take things apart and put it back together.

We did not finish high school. But got honorary degrees from colleges for flying later. Orville was a teenager when he started printing press with friend Ed Sines

We made the printing machine by ourselves

Then Wilbur joined Orville. Wilbur wrote and Orville printed

The West Side News was our own newspaper and it was very popular but a big newspaper cut into our profits so we shut down paper in 1890 We loved bikes liked to ride and race them

In 1892, we opened Wright Bicycle Exchange to fix and sell bikes

In 1895, we started making our own bike that was less money and safer 1896 Orville got sick with typhoid fever
Wilbur read to Orville about a German named Otto Lilienthal who was trying to fly but died in a crash

Inspired us to try flying and we started by asking for information from everyone that was trying

Read books and Studied Birds

Asked the Weather Bureau where there was strong winds, not a lot of people and soft land-Kitty Hawk , North Carolina Building Gliders 1900 1905 First Flight Improvement of Flight 1903 Selling our Idea 1908 The End of Wilbur and Orville 1912 Cool Facts Cool Facts The Wright
Brothers 1900 we built kite/gliders and went to Kitty Hawk to try to fly

Used ropes and fly glider like a kite at Kill Devil Hills

October 3,1900: Wilbur goes up in the glider-15 feet and yells to get down

Next three years we worked on the gliders-- only in the fall season

Knew we needed three things: strong wings, a way to steer and a motor for power

We made a wind tunnel and on bikes to see which wing shape was the best

Our friend Charlie Taylor built a small and powerful motor (170 pounds and powerful 15 horsepower)

Control-hip cradle to control roll, pitch and yaw December 1903 finally ready to fly-The Flyer

Coin toss to decide who flies-Wilbur wins


12/17/1903 Orville’s turn flies 120 feet!!! First airplane flight of man!!!

Same day Wilbur flies 852 feet in 59 seconds

We made four flights that day and then the Flyer broke We worked on the planes near home in Dayton, Ohio

We flew the plane at a farm

We kept building better planes and a catapult to launch the plane

Kept flying and on 10/5/1905 Wilbur flew 24 miles in 39 minutes!

Took apart our planes and kept it a secret until we got a patent for our flying machine We wanted to sell our plane designs to France and US governments

Wilbur went to France and showed Europe how to Fly-everyone went nuts!!!!

Orville showed the US government but if they were going to buy it we had to take up a passenger and he crashed and the passenger died.

Orville got hurt (head, back, hip) and spent 7 weeks in the hospital and did not fly much afterward.

We got really famous-kept working on planes – we even got to meet President Taft and won a medal 1912 Wilbur got typhoid fever and died on May 30 1912

25,000 people came to his funeral and got 1000 telegrams

Orville kept working on planes and then retired up north making toys and died on January 30,1948

By the time Orville died planes were circling the earth and people dreamed of going into space

At Orville's funeral jet airplanes flew over For the first mission to moon the astronauts took cloth from the Flyer

You can see copy of the Wright brothers Flyer at Kitty Hawk--We made a model of it!

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