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Serfs life in the middle ages

No description

Michelle Hanna

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Serfs life in the middle ages

Serfs in the middle ages. What was the kind of food the serfs ate? The serfs usually ate veggies and fruit. Sometimes Serfs would eat their animals for meat. How rich can a serf get? Serfs do not get really rich the kings get 100 times more rich then a serf. Serfs get like 5$ a day that is not alot for how long they work. What was the usual life time of a serf? The life of a serf was usually then same life time of any other human back then. How much does a serf work? A serf works 24/7 non-stop working for the king. Farming, weaving, and making pottery. How often were they turned into a knight? Serfs being turned into a knight like a one in a hundred which was more common then being turned into a king. Was their any serf that was turend into a king? Serfs were not usually ever turned into a king it was like a one in a hundred thousand What impact did the serfs have on the kingdom? The impact the serfs had on the kingdom was great they would bring in food for the king they would also get stuff from the animals for the king like milk or eggs. What kind of animals did the serfs have? Serfs had lots of animals they had many animals they had chicken,cow, buffalo and more. How were the serfs treated? Serfs were treated bad because they didn't even have their own land it was all owned by the king. What weapons did the serfs have? Serfs had daggers, knives, swords, clubs, flails, hammers, spears, axes, bows, muskets, slings, javelins and more. What did they wear? The wore a tunic or blouse and trousers made of cloth they had either clogs or shoes probobly not leather it was too expensive. Where did they live? in the village near the castle. Did they have jobs and if so what? They worked for thee lord and they would mostly be farmers What happens when infected or sick? the dead are taken away in carts and had a cross on there door to know there sick What were there houses made of? rough timbers mud or straw What did they plant? they planted one field of wheat one of barley How much land did they own? They didn't own they used it to farm what was their transportation? horseback riding while hunting and for regular use what did they hunt for? deer,wild boar,and wolves Who did they work for? the lord
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