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World War 1 changes in continuity

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James Tapp

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of World War 1 changes in continuity

Impact on warfare
Treaty of Versailles and the impact on Germany
Impact on soldiers
The treaty of versailles impacted Germany in various ways.
Firstly Germany had to give back the land it gaind and cut its army drasticly.
Secondly Germany had to pay for all the damages they caused. They only managed to pay this off in 2010.
Finally all countries had the right to own themselves. This meant that all countries had to dispatch with their colonies.
Soldiers were impacted heavily.
Firstly, Their lives were torn apart having to watch friends die and aquire injuries to them selves.
Secondly soldiers sufford from shellshock whichmeans that the think they think that they are still being shot at or bombed in their own home.
Finally, trench foot hit soldiers hard. It happend as the soldeirs wore boots all the time in cold damp weather.
Monday, February 17, 1920
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Impacts on Britain
World War I affected Britain in numerous ways.
Firstly, the war caused severe damage to Britain’s economy. Inflation doubled between 1914 and 1920, whilst the value of the pound decreased by 61.2%. The net financial lost was approximately £300 million, making the war extremely costly for Britain.
Secondly, the war caused Ireland to delay finding a resolution to the home rule issue. This indirectly led to the Irish War of Independence in 1919. This caused Britain to lose territory almost equal to that lost by Germany immediately after the war.
Finally, women in Britain gained the right to vote, due to their contributions during the war. Women were forced to fill in the jobs men usually did, showing that they were equal to men and that they deserved to have the vote.

World War I changes in continuity
World War I completely changed how wars were fought around the world in several ways.
Firstly, poison gas was first used for the first time in WW1. This was an extremely painful way to die, and left the victims suffering for hours before they died. However this didn't kill all of its victims.
Additionally, tanks were first used in WW1. This had a significant impact on modern warfare today, as tanks are still used in combat.

In conclusion I would say that WW1 changed society greatly. I say this because there were many new inventions and political breakthroughs.
By James Tapp 93
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