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Glittering Gold Seahorse

No description

Paulina Torres

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Glittering Gold Seahorse

Glittering Gold Seahorses
by: Paulina Torres

Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering is a change in the genetic material by humans.
Genetic Engineering could be used for modifying bacteria, plants, and animals.
Some examples are: curing diseases, having plants fight insects, and help humans for medical research.

Gene Shooting Method*
A method where you inject cells with genetic material.
I believe the laws that should be placed around genetic engineering is that if they are modifying an organism, it's for medical research only. I think that only certain people that are studying the process of genetic engineering should be able to do so because it can things that are not beneficial. I also believe we should only use limited amount of resources when modifying organisms bc we can be hurting our planet.
Glittering Gold Seahorse
The purpose of genetically changing the seahorses is to practice the "gene shooting method" to try and cure incurable diseases like diabetes.
The seahorses were genetically engineered by using the "gene shooting method" by mixing gold dust with jellyfish proteins and then inserted into the eggs of the seahorse.
The seahorses were modified by Vietnamese scientists.
In my opinion, I think this is a good idea because if they master the gene shooting method* then they can maybe even cure cancer.

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