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The Chinese Fireworks Industry-Revised

No description

Zoe chan

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of The Chinese Fireworks Industry-Revised

The Chinese Fireworks Industry-Revised
Jerry Yu
Macroscopic Analysis
Social culture
Porter's Five Forces Analysis
Natural environment
Politics and law
Technology Environment
People's income level and living standard
keep rising
Labor cost and raw material are rising
The government's policy is not stable in China

Strict regulations about fireworks' safety
The government play an important role in boosting sales(such as HuNan province)
China: National character to celebrate with an atmosphere of noisy happiness.

The United States: using fireworks in Independence Day celebration, now bells.

Europe: using for religious festivals and public entertainment.

The noise and explosion hazard

Air pollution

Water pollution

Upgrade the traditional fireworks industry
The more technology used in firework industry, the less injuries related to firecrackers and fireworks.


Relatively low initial capital
Increasing competition within the country
The export market rivalry
Rising raw material prices
Challenges from new technologies substitutes
Support from local government
Pollution and safety issues
Essential on holidays ( culture atmosphere )
A broader market along with the rising income of consumers

Central & local governments as domestic market
Large amount of government procurement opportunities
Europe as global market
Less stringent regulations on fireworks
Still low labor cost
Safety factor will be improved greatly with the technology development
an ABC with a MBA
Firewoks industry
Invest or not?
Provide high quality products with high technology and innovation------strategy
Higher price and larger quantity
Orders of larger quantities and better prices
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