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Sports Prezi


Anna Martin

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Sports Prezi

Teamwork makes the dream work!!
By Anna Martin
Basic Rules to Volleyball
History about William G. Morgan
He was born in the state of New York, on January 23, 1870.
His occupations included being a teacher and a athlete.
Volleyballs original name was "Mintonette."
He used ideas from other sports to come up with the basic things about volleyball.
He died in December of 1942, at the age of 72.
6 players on the court.
3 in front and 3 in the back.
Maximum of 3 hit.
Same player who hit the 1st ball cant hit the 2nd ball
Player cant catch, hold or throw the ball.
You cant spike or block a serve.
Most games are played to 25
basic skills you need to play the sport.
Be able to do the following...
Pass or receive the ball
You also need the following...
Vertical jump
Be loud and encouraging
Teamwork is HUGE in this sport!
The basic position of player on the court
6 basic ways to hit a volleyball
All you need to play volleyball is...
The usual clothing for volleyball
a common volleyball saying
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