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Induction Part II

the AIESEC Life


on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Induction Part II

The @Life: Challenge and Reward Challenge? I thought this was supposed to be fun? Rule number 1: AIESEC is fun.
Rule number 2: you have to work for anything worth having. AIESEC is the world's largest student-run not-for-profit organization, not an on-campus club. As a member, you will be expected to contribute time, effort, and creativity This will help you both push yourself to be better, and have an impact on your world. So... What do I actually have to do? The minimum: complete every category in your Points Plan and turn in at the last meeting. More? That's up to you! Lead an Organizing Committee Conduct Exchange Interviews Sign contracts! Run for an Exec Position Raise Sponsorships Go to National/ International Conferences Lead Reception for Incoming Trainees Create Global Partnerships Go on exchange! Join the National Staff Facilitate/ Organize a Conference But, Really? Me? I Never Thought That I... ... would have friends in over 25 countries around the world by the time I was 20. -Kim Quach, AIESEC UGA ... would be teaching in China while also speaking Chinese. - Adam Malyala, AIESEC UGA ... would run around campus in a yellow spandex body suit and give people candy. - Rachel Osnos, AIESEC UGA ... would personally match 3 people (including myself) to internships in 3 different countries. -Sheila Vedala, AIESEC UGA ... would go to a conference that was super educational and super fun at the same time. -Sang Ah Kim, AIESEC UGA ...would organize a regional conference with more than 120 people attending. -Patrick Johnson, AIESEC UGA ... would lead a group of over 50 members, a budget of $4,000 and an Advisor Board to bring the int'l perspective to Athens at just 21. -Stefanie Karwoski, AIESEC UGA ... would work at the national level of anything. It's incredible to think what one spontaneous decision can do to impact your life. -Alex Rosa, AIESEC US ... would get into a leadership role so quickly, and especially become president of my organization. -Lindsay Giacomino, AIESEC St. Cloud ... could help create and run a conference that would bond and unify over 200 people from all over the US and the World. -Hayk Mkrtchyan, AIESEC Madison ... would have such wonderful and dependable friends from so many states and countries! -Lauren Berk, AIESEC Ohio ...would be a part of a network of 60,000 members and 950,000 alumni from over 111 countries that share my values and passions. -Alexandra Baleanu, AIESEC NIU ... would live in another country. -Colin O'Keefe, AIESEC Illinois ... would meet so many people that have so many of the same dreams that I do. -Vanessa Radlinger, AIESEC NIU ... could actually help acheive world peace. -Mamta Mandan, AIESEC Minneapolis Leadership Conferences Exchange Stefanie Karwoski Kathy Chou Adam Malyala The only question is- what are YOU going to do? Patrick Johnson:
Jose Pablo
Young Chung
Clemence Kopeikin
Candace Barnes
Nicolas Crawford
Danielle Glover
Thinh Vu
Christi Khouri
Stefanie Karwoski
Kishore Vedala
Trevor Wilson
Ryan Linnane
Kiandra Brady
Cady Jones
Jay Dasigi
Leah Beylouni
Tola Oladapo
Kathy Chou
Rachel Osnos
Raya Hsiung
Shirley Song
Regy Perlera
Pranay Kalra
James Bartels
Yuliya Bila
Emily Davis
Jerry Rodriguez
Jessie Lian
Dash Tuteja
Kimmie Champlin
Maya Basu
Agata Rzucidlo Kim Quach
Sheila Vedala
John DeCotis
Zoheb Sulaiman
Aashka Dave
Patrick Brown
Nicole Bigman
Felicia Gill
Elizabeth Martinez

Elizabeth Boyd
Adam Malyala
Savannah Schnall
Sang Ah Kim
Emily Durden
Whitley Butler
Kameel Mir
Katie Day
Nadine Hernandez

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