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CIS Project

No description

James Welch

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of CIS Project

Double click anywhere & add an idea Whether and Climate Soils and Vegitation Hazards

Main Street in 1882
History Present day Miles City Scobey Soil
Surface layer- very dark grayish brown loam
Subsurface layer- dark brown clay
Subsoil-dark grayish brown clay loam Combination of
entisols Average annual precipitation- 11" Praries and plains region consisting of both tall and short grasses Dry Steppe Region Miles City is the warmest area in Montana with temperatures as high as 117. o Low can drop as far as -30. o Frost free period lasts 150 days
allowing for a 4 months growing season No major threat of earthquakes
in area. Ice jams during thawing seasons
have been known to cause floods
in area
Tornadoes are possible but rare
approximately 1 every 4-6 years Microbursts Custer County 46 23' 31" N 105 49' 55" W o o Elevation 2368 ft County lines prior to 1877 Town named after General Nelson Miles County named after General George Custer Known for its brothels, saloons, and shootouts Alkali buttes and sandstone bluffs rich in coal higher elevations contain ponderosa pine
while rivers and creeks are lined with cottonwood Miles City, Montana Lies within rain shadow from the Rocky Mountains
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