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The Buoyancy Challenge

No description

Robert Zhou

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Buoyancy Challenge

How will I add the washers to the boat? I will add the washers one at a time, slowly and carefully.
That way, the weight of the washer won't capsize the boat as the boat gets slammed by the washer. The Buoyancy Challenge Rap The Buoyancy Challenge By Robert Zhou MY BOAT Looks like a silver bowl.
It's weight and buoyant force is about 0.1 Newtons.
The weight and buoyant force is the same because the boat floats.
The boat's displacement weighs exactly the same as the boat itself because the boat displaced enough water so that their mass is equal.
It's hull is shaped like part of a sphere because a sphere has the highest volume:surface area out of any 3D object. Hey, yo, this yo boy Roberto.
And this is the Buoyancy Challenge Rap for yo.
Hope yo enjoy the show.
Here we go.
The force a fluid makes that keeps you afloat
But you got to be less dense than water or hollow like a boat.
The force an object makes that keeps you down.
It also gives you your weight, whether in Newtons or pounds.
The amount of a fluid that's displaced by an object.
Put it in a container to see its effect.
If it sinks, then it displaces the amount of volume it has.
But if it floats, then it displaces the amount of mass it has.
Thanks yo, I'm out. How does each work to affect how the boat floats? Gravity is used to calculate the buoyant and weight force.
Buoyant force is used to keep the boat afloat until the weight force exceeds the buoyant force.
Displacement is used to calculate the mass of the boat, since boats float.
Why is it important to understand how things float? If you don't know how things float, then you won't know how to make a boat out of material denser than water. The vessel that you were trying to make would never float, and you would get an F in physics. Also, if you wanted to float while you were swimming in a swimming pool, you wouldn't know that inhaling a lot of air would make your overall density less than that of water, and so you wouldn't know how to float in water. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY PRESENTATION
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