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Duk Payuel, Sudan

No description

Maya Allen

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Duk Payuel, Sudan

God Grew Tired of Us
vs. The Odyssey

Ithica, Greece
By: Maya Allen
Call to Adventure
Call to Adventure
Johns village, Duk Payuel, get attacked so he runs away in hopes to escape.
Odysseus was the king of Ithica and he had a wife, Penelope, and a son, Telemachus.
John lives a provincial life in Duk Payuel. His days consist of doing chores (milking cows, helping his mom do laundry, cutting down trees etc.), and playing with his friends. "When I wasn't tending cattle or breaking up cattle dung, I played a lot as a child with toy cows made out of clay or in groups with other children." Page 32.
Refusal to Call
Odysseus goes to war in Troy to lead the Greeks fighting against the Trojans.
"His heart set on his wife and his return"
Odysseus misses his family and Ithica.

"I want to go back, too!" John misses his family and is scared. "I wanted to see if I could find my parents. I was starting to doubt the story he told me about his plans for a rendezvous."
Meeting the Mentor
John escapes his village with a man he mistakenly thought was his dad in the dark, but was actually his family friend, Abraham. A woman a her two daughters meet Abraham and John and decide to travel with them. "He gave it to the girls and me, leaving nothing for the adults." This quote, when Abraham gives all his food to the children, shows that Abraham takes care of John and acts as a fatherly figure.
Meeting the Mentors
Odysseus' mentors are Hermes and Athena.
The difference between Athe and Abraham
Duk Payuel, Sudan
Refusal to Call
Meeting the Mentor
Meeting the Mentor
Odyseeus' biggest mentor is Athena. Throughout the story Athena gives
Odyseeus hope and encourages him.
"If now really pleases the blissful gods
that wise Odyseeus shall return-home
at last" Athena helps Odyseeus in many situations.
Crossing the First Threshold
When Abraham and John are on their trek, they get ambushed by the djellabas (Arab militia). "He grabbed fistfulls of my three-inch-long hair and twisted." Page.54 "Abraham had been pummeled until his shoulders bled." Page.55
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
While on his strenuous journey,
John has to learn how to live
off of the environment. In my
opinion,God is John's ally and
enemy for the reason that john
lost faith in Good many times
throughout the book when bad
things happened, but restored faith
when good things happened,
like finding water. Kids around
john start to die and he is out in
charge of taking care of them.
It was a very hard task.
Crossing the First Threshold
Odyseeus' first threshold was
leaving the island of Calypso.
He leaves the island on an
expedition to go back to his
hometown, Ithica.
When John arrived in America, his mentors were volunteers from the church and his professor.
Test, Enemies, and Allies
Odyseeus' tests were defeating
the cyclops, Circe, Charybdis,
Scylla, and the Sirens. Odyseeus'
main Enemy is Poseidon.
Odyseeus' main ally is Athena.
Ordeal, Death & Rebirth
John faces a major change when he is
offered to move to Syracuse, New York
with a couple of other boys. When he arrives in America, he has a rough time adjusting with the culture shock. John eventually gets used to the way of life and becomes successfull by writing a book, attending Syracuse University, and making a big organization.
Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth
Odyseeus' ordeal is when he kills
all of the suitors. Odyseeus shows
Penelope that it is him and he lives
on as king.
The Road Back
In America, John raised money to help Sudan. He returned to his hometown, Duk Puyel after about twenty years and built a clinic.
The Road Back
Odyseeus returns back to Ithica and eventually reunites with Telemachus and Penelope. It is assumed that he continues to reign Ithica.
The End
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