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Honda's ASIMO Robot

No description

Bo Kemmet

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Honda's ASIMO Robot

What can he do?
The Worlds Most Humanoid Robot
Honda's ASIMO Robot
If ASIMO was mass produced Honda they would need to hire many more people. These would include physicists,engineers, programmers, and other scientist and mathematicians. ASIMO is a very complicated robot. They need many people to make him multi-functional.
ASIMOS End effectors are its human like hands that can do many different tasks. ASIMO can catch balance with his hands if he is falling. He can also do simple things like carrying and pushing things as you saw in the video.
ASIMO can be used at home or at the office.ASIMO has 34 degrees of freedom that allow him to do things like turn on a light switch,open doors,carry objects and push cart.

I think that ASIMO would have a huge impact on modern life. ASIMO will be more efficient doing everyday tasks. Many people who have disabilities and could even recommend better eating choices for people with bad health.
The advantages of the ASIMO robot is that it can carry a tray,run,walk,hop,and push a cart.This could help people through daily life.

But the disadvantages of the ASIMO robot is that it costs a lot of money,People can lose jobs in factories,needs a supply of power,and maintenance to keep it running.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the ASIMO Robot.
Honda's scientist are already working to make ASIMO more functional. They are trying to slim down the model and make his motions more smooth. They are also working on making a power source that can last longer. They also want ASIMO to be able to recognize any face it sees with a facial recognition program.

Building the ASIMO robot put Honda's engineers to the test. ASIMO was made with many different programmable functions that were difficult to calibrate with the robots sensors. ASIMO can complete many different tasks including pushing carts and carrying trays and also interacts with humans.
Inside ASIMO
ASIMO has three sensors the first one is a Ultrasonic Sensor the sonic wave sensors detect obstacles three meters ahead.The second one is Ground Sensor they are a sensing system comprised of two sensors:the laser sensor detects the ground surface and obstacles two meters from its feet;and the infrared sensor identifies floor markings by adjusting its shutter speed according to brightness.The third is a Visual Sensor, ASIMO is equipped with two high dynamic range cameras in its head these cameras allow ASIMO to view the surrounding environment these cameras can accurately judge distance from objects by using mathematical formulas and the stereoscopic nature of the cameras.
The robot is autonomous also ASIMO has its own PC connection that can access the Internet and retrieve data so it knows what to do. It is also programed to recognize different human gestures,and conversations.

Future Plans For ASIMO
Where is ASIMO and how many degrees of freedom does it have
The Impact on ASIMO
Careers Needed to Create ASIMO
ASIMO End Effectors
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