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Landscape of web technologies for the enterprise?!

No description


on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Landscape of web technologies for the enterprise?!

Mobile by design
Not just reformatting for mobile but proper mobile solution
For mobile; location can play a part in personalisation and presentation. Which will add ........ Search ?CM Security Workflow & Services UX Presentation Personalisation Messaging
Web services
App. integration
Forms Social Web Content Management
Document Management
Rights Management
Single source
Publish once Identity Access Management
Access Control
User / Service provisioning
Federation Services
Perimeter service Analytics Integrated anayltics engine
Combine all incl social. Included by design
Listening > Feed analytics
Listening > Feed UX A view of the Enterprise web landscape Houston we've had a problem skeuomorph – noun
1. A design feature copied from a similar artifact in another material, even when not functionally necessary Overlapping capabilities Web technology vendors continue to buy other companies which are changing scope of their product capabilities.
A lot of web functionalities now overlap.
A great example is WCM vs. Portal – i.e. there is a lot of grey area shared by both technologies i.e. Site templates, Formatting, Mashups, Runtime assembly, Multichannel etc. WCM BPM CRM Frameworks ECM Portal Which option? best of breed mega
vendor Don't think
anyone knows Not even the leaders! The enterprise web is changing! Mobile Context Gives you greater personalisation opportunities.
Evolves portal concepts.
More than just basic rules for content targeting.
Semantic personalisation, content based on spend, browsing history, social networks, location, device
Build in user / user(s) sentiment Social Social has made significant in-roads into the web landscape
Social is changing web vendor products and approaches
Web sites and services from all perspectives are changing to leverage social, this includes consumer, internal and B2B segments. social +43% -28% email lots of networks Social is changing
marketing 10% - outbound 90% - inbound Inbound is: 1. Get found online
2. Convert visitors to leads
3. Analyze Social is changing websites Corporate web site:
Facebook page: 1.8m
21m Even if brands don’t abandon their websites altogether, their website is changing because of social media Starbucks allows customers to manage their loyalty card within Facebook Access social graph Permission to DM Extend community & access friends social graph 19m
fans 527m
friends of fans +600m
Facebook 100100011000110010 transaction data customer profile data other inhouse data + social data = Business Intelligence becomes very powerful if you mix traditional sources of BI with social data
Social data gives you access to a wealth of intentions and customer interests.
Customers are constantly expressing interests and intent.
Proactive monitoring and sentiment analysis
Customers want to choose the marketing messages they receive when, where and from whom
From unawareness to purchase. Social media is a major factor to carry this out
Enrich fraud and BI models Sshhh ... listen! UX We will see a revolution of graphics on the web
HTML5 / CSS3 is the future
Microsoft hints HTML5, no flash on Apple devices, perhaps end for Flash and Silverlight?
Mobile has tech abilities to do 3D, more creative UIs
De-commoditization of design and UX
Gestural UI (Touch or mouse based gestures)
Media-integration (computing, mobile and television merging closer to Interactive TV)
More transformative, real time interfaces that will be more closely tailored in context
and of course more augmented reality - What is the future of search is the wrong question.
- Search is just a process.
- The question should be what is the future of ANSWERS.
Consider Wolfram Alpha for the enterprise
This is a mix of knowledge and computation (CDF) Computable Document Format
Value of information increases with computable information
Note: Credibility will play more of a role in search i.e. add social Search 1. Informational – brochure ware
Library services
One size fits all
Single channel

2. Web Experience
Targeting, home page, segment
Basic workflows
Some web analytics

3. Web Engagement
More complex workflows
Audio / Video
Some social functionality?

4. Multichannel
Cross-site social functionality
Multi channel web mobile
Complex BPM
1-1 segmentation WCM - maturity model WCM will weave into enterprise - Demand for WCM integration with other enterprise apps.
Web anayltics
Social networking
Digital Asset Management repositories
Email campaign software

- Current and next generation of WCM
Social network integration, i.e. manage content across local and social platforms.
Improvements in workflow
Content targeting
Rapid microsite creation
Move towards cloud and open solutions
Integration with SaaS very powerful anayltics key enterprise building blocks Firewalls need to evolve to be more proactive in blocking new threats, such as botnets and targeted attacks.
Just about all enterprise apps come with web front-end, this meant opening various network ports so firewall resembled Swiss cheese.
However with web 2.0 growth, more communication is going through fewer ports (such as HTTP and HTTPS) and via fewer protocols, meaning port/protocol-based policy has become less relevant and less effective.
Identify applications and enforce network security policy at the application layer independent of port and protocol versus only ports, protocols and services. Examples include the ability to allow Skype use but disable file sharing within Skype or to always block GoToMyPC
Brand and security challenges with demand for social i.e. Twitter and cloud services i.e. Skydrive etc Employees and Networks 1 Social 2 Search 3 Workflow 4 CM 5 Analytics Security 6 7 UX Where are we? How many employees do we have? Who is the sales manager in Turkey? Number of transactions processed today? What is the address of the London office? Sales volume of UK vs France Give me some answers !!! 50% of Content experiences not produced until they are consumed
Web will be dominated by pictures, video or audio
Search technologies combined with content analytics to target content By 2013 "W" or "E" What is the future of .... This is tricky. The Architects have a tough job
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