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Cortni Jordan

on 1 November 2013

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Movie Analysis
Organizational Behavior
the state of being assimilated; people of different backgrounds come to see themselves as part of a larger national family
The set of shared values often taken for
granted that help people in a group
understand which actions are considered
acceptable and which are not deemed

Group Culture
Was a system of racial segregation legally
enforced by the ruling white minority in South Africa from
1948-1994 (46 years)!

Group Think
Is a mode of thinking that occurs when
members of a group are deeply involved in a
cohesive in-group, and the desire for unity
offsets their motivation to appraise alternative
courses of action.

The Medical Council of South Africa classifies
Sandra’s race as Black based solely on the
texture of her hair and the complexion of her

Corporate Culture
The beliefs and behaviors that determine how an organizations employees interact and handle outside business transactions. Often, corporate culture is implied and develops over time from the traits of the people the company hires. Corporate culture will be reflected in its dress code, business hours, employee benefits, hiring/terminating decisions, and all other operating decisions.
A. The dress code for students at the boarding school was striped or solid blazers with khaki bottoms ( skirts- girls/ pants-boys).

B. The decision of the school system to alienate blacks by not allowing them to attend boarding school.

Group Culture- Cohort 24 consists of individuals from
various economic, racial, professional, and educational
backgrounds striving to achieve our EMBA by
working together as one cohesive unit.

Organizational Culture- Members of country clubs are
expected to earn high salaries, reside in affluent
neighborhoods, and give back to their communities.

ethics plural of eth·ics (Noun)

Moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior.

A person's beliefs regarding what is right or wrong in a given situation.
Judgements about others that reinforce beliefs about superiority or inferiority
Is the process of categorizing or labeling people on the basis of a single attribute
Examples of Unethical Behavior in the Workplace
Attacking Others: Revenge, Aggression, Bullying, and Abuse
Sandra starts boarding school but is unfairly disciplined by the headmaster in the presence of her fellow classmates, ultimately she is dismissed from the school because of the color of her skin. Were the actions of the headmaster unethical or was he just following the rules of the school?
Individualism vs Collectivism
Individualism - exist to the extent that people in a culture define themselves primarily as individuals rather than as part of one or more groups or organizations.
Observations from the movie, SKIN:
- Saundra has problems fitting into the “white” South African culture. She is classified white, then colored, then white again.
- Saundra tries to date young white South African men, but they don’t make it easy for her to assimilate into the culture.
- Finally, Saundra leaves home to marry a young black man.

Observation from business/corporate:
- New employee in the workplace who happens to be the only minority in the office, or employee of another ethnic group who may have language issues.
COLLECTIVISM - Is characterized by tight social frameworks in which people tend to base their identities on the group or organization to which they belong.

Observation from the movie, SKIN:
- The administrators at the boarding school that Saundra first enrolled as a child.
- The South African Government that tested Saundra and classified her as colored even though her parent were both white.

Observations from business/corporate:
- Small, family-owned businesses are often very close and not open to outsiders.
- Organizations that work together for long periods of time often become very close-knit, family organizations that all focus on the goals and objectives of the organization.

Diversity in the Family VS Diversity in Organizations
Diversity in the Laing Family:
Sandra Laing was indeed born to two white parents, so why doesn’t that make her white? Is it because she carried the throw “back” gene of a distant African ancestor? Both her parents carried this gene as well - So why didn’t that make her parents black? Her parents were consumed with the privileges of white skin society.

Diversity in the Organization (society)
The Abercrombie and Fitch lawsuit was due to their blatant discrimination against Hispanic, Asians and blacks, the company had a project which they referred to as the “Classic American” look. The look is overwhelming white. Even though they taunt the guidebook that says all the right things, in actuality they do a whole different thing –knowingly the practice is illegal.

Abercrombie and Finch practiced a form of management by objective in a negative manner, they systematically funneled down through their organization the practice of hiring the “All American Image, blonde-hair, blue eyed college students.
Minorities were that applied for positions were steered to stockroom jobs or any job away from the sales floor because they did not project what the company called the A&F look.

Classic example was in one store of the 110 employees, only two or three were black, and one Asian, the other 106 were white. Other times, when top corporate officials visited the stores they advised the store managers they had too many Asians, the Asians were fired and replaced with white workers.
The lawsuit was filed by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, the NAACP Legal Defense and the Educational Fund and Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann and Berstein.

Today against a background of falling wages, rising income inequality, and continuing racial conflict, belief in the possibility and value of assimilation seems considerably less pervasive.
Young minorities today, do not wish to assimilate as their immigrant parents may have, they find satisfaction in their own ethnic identity and most are very ethno-centric and proud of their ancestral ethnic heritage.

America is no longer the melting pot it once was, instead it has become the salad bowl, or is it the ethnic stew now?
Skin - Movie Summation
Sandra’s situation was caused by her appearance not her legal classification. Even though she was reclassified as white, the parents of the other students did not want her in the class with their white children, she was still a Kaffir to them. The system of apartheid did not recognize diversity, it practiced discrimination based on race.
Until she was 11 Sandra led a normal life as a “White”
South African young girl. It was then that the South African government officially classified
her as “Black.” Given that the Population Registration Act of 1950 mandated separation of
the races, Sandra was no longer permitted to attend the Whites-only school she had
previously attended, shop in the stores reserved for Whites, or enjoy the general way of life
that she once had.
Applied Ethics - Used in some aspects of determining public policy and by those that face difficult decisions.
South Africa's ethical philosophy was one of Prejudice & Discrimination and these ideas were ingrained within their cultural framework
Ethical decision making is effected by...
Professional codes
Ethical Relativism
Ethical relativism suggests that right and wrong are determined by what my society believes.
A right is a person’s just claim or entitlement
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