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Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Book Report Prezi

Charles Selden-Lyde

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson
and the
Sea of Monsters
Rick Riordan

Book Report by Charles Selden-Lyde
Camp Half-Blood
Giant's House
New York Prep School
C.C.'s Spa & Resort
Percy has dreams that there's something wrong at Camp Half-Blood
he gets messages from Grover telling him that he's in trouble
Percy tells Annabeth about his dreams and messages from Grover
They discover that there's trouble at Camp Half-Blood; it's under attach by a gang of monsters
Annabeth saves Percy from the monsters
Thalia's Tree was poisoned and could not protect the camp from monsters
Now Percy and Annabeth have to find the Golden Fleece so the camp and tree can be saved
Percy, Tyson and Annabeth go to the Sea of Monsters to get the Golden Fleece and to save Grover
They survive battles with Cyclopses, Sirens, man-eating sheep and and giant cannibals so they can save Camp Half-Blood
The Golden Fleece is taken back to Camp Half-Blood and the protective borders are put back into place
Thalia (the tree), the daughter of Zeus is brought back to life
I really liked this story because I enjoy reading about Greek Mythology. It was very adventurous and had a lot of action. I like how the characters had to fight the monsters. I think Ryan, Pierre and Nico should read this story.
Characters & Traits
Percy- Son of Poseidon; half-blood, has water powers, adventurous, brave, a leader, protective and caring
Grover- Percy's guardian,
Annabeth- smart,adventurous courageous, daughter of Athena
Tyson-Percy's best friend, shy, clumsy and big+
Percy, Annabeth and Tyson need to save the tree that protects Camp Half-Blood by bringing back the Golden Fleece
At the same time, they will also save Grover from Cyclops
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