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Cycles & Social Spaces.

No description

Javo Ariz

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Cycles & Social Spaces.

Cycles & Social Spaces.
PAH International Network

Our friends in the struggle.
The International Commission has exchanged information, collaborated and participated in different conferences, workshops, roundtables and demonstrations. The method and phylosophy of the PAH has reached out to nearly 20 countries around the world.
The PAH created an International Commission in 2013
2013 - NYC. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung/Right to the City Alliance. First Transatlantic Right to the City roundtable.
Invitations to the USA
Since 2009, the Plattform of (People) Affected by Mortgages has turned into the most relevant and influential social movement in Spain.
2014 - NYC. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. Left Forum Panel: Rise against the austerity, models of resistance on the European Left
2014 - NYC. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung/Right to the City Alliance. 2nd Transatlantic Right to the City roundtable.
2015 - NYC. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. Left Forum
Collaborations in Europe
Horizontal & convocational
Politically independent
Self-financing and gratuity
Collective advice
Process oriented, non directive accompaniment
Non-violent civil disobedience
Nodes autonomy, but similar strategies and shared resources
Nationwide Coordination with special commissions.
Grouped by Territory & Province
Local nodes organized by tasks (stop-evictions, relocation, by-bank negotiating group, psychological intervention, basic supplies, etc.).
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