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No description

aida mateu lillo

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of VALVE

Valve’s organizational culture
Development and promotion policies
Evaluation and compensation policies
Explain Valve’s organizational structure
Structure adhocratic

Flat structure without hierarchy, promote innovation, important for the technology sector
All Employees are free to form teams and participate in projects
Informal relations between working groups
Low specialization, polyvalent people
No Traditional departmentalization. They are grouped by project and temporarily.
Chain of command, span of control and centralization: as we have seen do not appear in the organizational idea of ​​Valve
Formalization: Mutual Adjustment

Oriented to: Employees, customers, innovation and technology

Satisfying customer expectations

Auto-integration of new employees

Problems: Too much freedom
sometimes leads to power struggles and competition among groups
Cristian Artero Herreros
Jorge Aranda Escriche
Aida Mateu Lillo
Eva Torres Palau
Pilar Salaj Calles

Manual of the Employee

Across, the workpeople have to go learning in an autonomous way the form of work in Valve.

Asking its partners and listening to them.

Looks for
The creativity
Potential in the aspirants

His workplace also attracts to talents of other companies
Recruitment, selection and socialization processes at Valve

Superior to average of sector.

Profitability for employee superior to other important companies

Recovers according to the valuation of your companions.

Additional services like laundry, massages and gymnasium.
He does not lay for mistakes, they are corrected.

No there are tools of internal control, but between the groups.

Exchange of opinions
You interview between companions

Classifications of information
to qualify between the companions according to the contribution to the company
How is change and learning
promoted at Valve?
Videogames developers industry
Compare Irizar with Valve
Valve has a flat structure and there cannot be promotion in the hierarchy because there is not

Valve sets sail to end an important RRHH politics to maintain the personnel who have.

They hire the best. not overtime, holidays obligation, the mistakes are seen like opportunities to learn and they do not dismiss the personnel for committing anyone, wage fees major than in similar organizations, etc.
Videogames industry growing

Industry technology, art and design

Large Companies: distributors (EA, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Activision, Valve ...) have their own projects and studies.

Different types of businesses because they are from different countries, cultures, sizes, objectives, etc.

Some major industry companies suffer complaints from employees and customers (Case EA)

Valve Is unique in its organizational model in the sector
Working groups

Charismatic leaders

Freedom of action and decision at all levels
The sectors in which they operate

The physical properties involve large buildings

Easy to create synergies in tight spaces
Symbolic component of Valve

Office with wheels.

It represents the freedom in an structure is flat, dynamic and flexible

Promoting learning

helps to that the relations between the personnel are fluid

there is a flow of information and of ideas constant.

The Valve structure

facility to adapt itself quickly to the changes.

The offices with wheels

Represent the rapidity at the time of facing the changes,

no chiefs
no authority superior to that they should realize
In Valve every employee takes full autonomy as what the adaptation to the changes is immediate
Every employee voluntarily must be employed at what he believes that it is mas usefully for the company.

The informal meetings are looked between employees and the physical positions of work can move according to the project where one works.
The polyvalency is valued

The employees must interfere in this phase
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