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No description

Michele Samaniego

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Pitchforking

A pitchfork has one handle and multiple prongs.
Writers use pitchforking in their writing to provide their readers with lists of key details. These lists create images, set moods, and serve to amplify and intensify a piece of text.
Plain sentence: A soccer player has lots of choices.

Pitchforked nouns:
A soccer player can choose what soccer is to him: is it a hobby? a job? or most importantly, a passion?

Pitchforking Descriptions
Plain sentence: It would be better.

Pitchforked description:
Well, how cool would it be if XOS-7 had a Megastone? He would be cool, stronger, and more powerful.
Pitchforking Exclamations
Plain sentence: It is going to rain.

Pitchforked with exclamations:
Guys! Guys! Look! Look! It’s about to rain! Everybody take cover! Oh my gosh!

Pitchforking Smells
At the marketplace, I could smell pineapples, limes, and cigarette smoke in the air, and the unique smell of Israel.

I woke up smelling pancakes, syrup and heaven.

Pitchforking Nouns
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