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Sakura Sushi

No description

Brad Dobinski

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Sakura Sushi

Alex Corbelli & Brad Dobinski
Sakura Sushi Marketing Proposal: Enhancing Customer Loyalty
Inability to Obtain a Constant Flow of Steady Customers
Consumers are beginning to disregard brand loyalty
If Nothing is Done to Reverse these behaviors, it Will Prevent Organic Growth
Inability to Measure Marketing Strategies
Data Analysis Is Essential for Understanding Customers
If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It
A Failure to Communicate With Key Business Players
Delayed Communications between web developer & little communication between customers
Lack of Communication Builds Unnecessary Barriers Between You and the Customer
Solution 1
Target Consumer & Email Use

Of All Users in the US
Why Email?
Sakura Sushi currently has no immediate form of customer communication and no way of tracking customer interest levels
Emails are completely trackable and provide valuable information
and feedback that shows customer interest.
Why Email?
Email marketing possesses the ability to send messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship with a business’s current customer base
Email encourages the consumer to come
to you, rather than having to seek out an audience like when using Social Media
Mail Chimp allows you to create your own Email Marketing campaigns
Percentage of mail recipients that opened the Email
Percentage of mail recipients that clicked on links within your Email
Subscriber and Campaign Growth
The Campaign Designer allows you to use templates to create your own custom Emails, including a mobile preview
Emails can include links to your website and Social Media integration, such as sharing
Through the services of MailChimp, we were able to design a sample email campaign specifically targeted for the holiday season
Allows opportunity to showcase special deals or discounts
Keeps the customer up to date on current events within your restaurant
Increases customer interest and loyalty
Solution 2
What Entices Customers to Keep Coming Back?
Customers love almost anything that is
Customers like to be rewarded
Enhancing the Loyalty Rewards Program
Sakura wishes to create long lasting connections with loyal customers
An enhanced loyalty rewards program will be the most effective course of action to achieve this goal
Absolutely FREE to join rather than the current $20 fee
Gain access to bi-weekly promotions that are exclusive to Sushi Club Members, via Email
Progressive Rewards System
Points System
Each visit will be equal to one Sushi Club point
Customers will build up points in order to achieve the goal of a free sushi roll
A great way for Sakura Sushi to use the Sushi Club system, is to have “Double Points” days during slow periods
Use Holidays to also promote special points days
Progressive Rewards System EXAMPLE
10 points: Free Regular Roll
15 points: Free Special Roll
20 points: Free Fusion Roll
Point System Can Change Due To Appropriate Sales Data
The customer will have the option to use their points to redeem the first level reward
Or the customer can save their points until they have enough for the next reward
Customers can redeem rewards at anytime as long as they have the necessary points
Members will also receive a free roll during their birthday month
The features of Belly encompass a variety of tools to execute a successful loyalty rewards program that will entice customers to return and make repeat purchases
Simplicity is also key
Solution 3
Email Marketing
Loyalty Rewards Program
With Each Other
What is the Finishing Touch that will Bring Both Ideas Together at the Same Place?
The New Redesigned SakuraBuffalo.com
Make the site more reader friendly
Organizing the menu into tabs, so it is easier to read
Moving important contact information to the top of the screen on every page of the site
Weekly Updates to improve relevant content such as specials
Provides you with templates to design your own website
Allow Sushi Club member to log-in and check the amount of points they currently have
Provides you with statistics that illustrate the amount of people that visit your site
Allows the designer to preview what the site will look like on a mobile device and make sure their site is compatible
Tools to help increase the probability that their website will show up as one of the first sites in a search engine
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