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Iron Thunder Anne Buller Book Report

No description

Anne Buller

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Iron Thunder Anne Buller Book Report

Written by: AVI Iron Thunder Iron Thunder
Author: Avi 1. Tom Carroll (Main character)
2.Mr.Odgen Quinn (Copperhead)
3. Captain Ericsson (inventor)
4. Garret Falloy (common street boy)
5. Captain Worden (monitor captain) Captain Ericsson orders that Tom be on the launch to see if the Monitor will float. Middle
The Monitor fired 41 cannonballs, only 20 hit while the Merrimack fired 23. The USS Minnesota (northern ship) also fired cannonballs and some ricocheted and hit the Monitor (northern ship). By Anne Buller Character List: Copperhead-a northerner who opposed the Civil war. They sometimes spied for the south. VS. The Merrimack The Monitor Fun Facts! The Battle of the Ironclads BEGINNING Tom's father is killed fighting in a town in Maryland. Tom gets a job from Mr.Hendricks at Rowland's Continental Iron Works where they were making Ericsson's floating battery. Tom's job was to run errands for Captain Ericsson for $.75 a day. A copperhead named Mr.Quinn gives Tom a gold dollar trying to get information on the ironclad. U.S.S MINNESOTA MONITOR MERRIMACK The Union has a plan called the Anaconda to choke out Hampton Roads the Southern port. Hampton roads
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