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Sigmund Freud - Genital Stage

No description

Justice Stewart

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Sigmund Freud - Genital Stage

Genital Stage
Identity vs. Role Confusion
In Freud's fifth stage the sexual desires of teenagers are renewed. They then start seeking relationships with others.
In Erikson's fifth stage teenagers try to develop a separate identity while "fitting in" with friends.
If they fail, it can lead
to confusion over who
they are. They won't be able to make friends as easy as others.
Disagreements between Stages
There aren't disagreements between Erikson's or Freud's theorys because in both the teen is seeking a relationship. Freud just puts it in more of a sexual perspective. Erikson views it as finding out who one is, and choosing which group of friends they fit in with. While testing groups out.
Ages differ between 12 to 18.
Better Theory???
There isn't a better theory than Freud's or Erikson's.
5th Stage of Development
If they fail to reach their sexual
desires then they will have trouble developing a relationship with the opposite sex. Also, putting a stop to any type of sexual life.
Sigmund Freud:
Erik Erikson:
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