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Are zoos harmful or helpful to animals?

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Kimli Leger

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Are zoos harmful or helpful to animals?

Are zoos harmful or helpful to animals?
5 Ways zoos are good
1. Good zoos help fight wildlife extinction.
2. Good zoos educate visitors.
3. Good zoos attract good people.
4. Four of Australia's leading zoos are not-for-profit.
5. Good zoos constantly strive for better and better animal welfare.
Zoos are businesses that capitalize on breeding, buying, and selling animals. Their main priority is profit, not animal welfare. How do we know?
4 times zoos were bad to animals
1. The Humboldt penguins at Scarborough Sea Life Center have been prescribed antidepressants because they're so depressed. 2. A two year old giraffe was killed and fed to lions after outliving his "usefulness". 3. In 2006 several accredited zoos imported 33 monkeys who had been illegally trafficked by poachers in Africa instead of working with wildlife rehabilitators to return the primates to to their natural habitats.
4. When baby animals who were exhibited in the Minnesota Zoos yearly farm display grew up and lost their youthful appeal, the zoo sent them to livestock auctions. From there many are ultimately sent to slaughter.
Zoos are a little hurtful to animals, but they save animals. So, in conclusion, zoos are helpful to animals.
Thank you. Bye!
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