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MNMN 2014/15

No description

Shawna Maryanovich

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of MNMN 2014/15

- All are Encouraged to Join
Promote the conditions for quality Montessori education to flourish by cultivating and coordinating connection of Montessorians in Minnesota and Minnesotans to Montessori through outreach and education, networking, professional development, and advocacy within and beyond the Minnesota Montessori community
Work we can do far more effectively together than as individual advocates/schools to further our mission and realize our vision for Montessori in MN
Face-to-Face Networking
~Quarterly Meetings and School Sharing Tours + Q&A
Professional Development
Practitioner to Practitioner
~Communities of Practice - SPED, Charter, Adolescent, Toddler
Community Outreach and Education
Public Education
~Montessori Parenting Classes

Minnesota Montessori Network

- Connection and Communication are Paramount
- Through Active Engagement with Others and the Process, We Each Contribute Our Unique Gifts to Our Collective Effort
- All Work is Geared Towards Meaning and Movement
- To One Another and the Environment in Which We Work; We Seek Feedback to Guide Our Efforts
~"What's Montessori?"
Parent Education
~Parent Ed Network

- Inter-school Parent Ed
Montessori Reputation Building & Publicity

- Find a School, Activity, Resource

- Find, Connect With, Engage Former Montessori Students
~Education Awareness Events

- Booths/Mass-Attendance
~Glass Classroom
- State Fair, Mall of America
~Montessori Education Week
- Celebrate Publicly
~MNMN Community Service

- Build Our Image Through Sharing our Values
Common Voice
To An Image
Montessori advocates and organizations joined together forming a new organization with an initiative to create coalitions in every state.
Minnesota Montessorians worked together to form the
Minnesota Montessori Network,
in response in order to connect Montessorians in Minnesota and Minnesotans to Montessori more effectively than any one school or advocate could do alone.
The National Network of Montessori Advocacy

The Minnesota Montessori Network is a collaborative community promoting education that nurtures the development of the whole child, from infancy to adulthood, as envisioned by Dr. Maria Montessori, and substantiated by current research. We strive to invite engagement, coordinate efforts and enhance connections among parents and families, alumni, educators, professionals, schools, universities, organizations, media, and government to collectively safeguard and nurture the developmental needs of our state's children
There are no membership fees to join. Every person with an interest in the well-being of children is welcome to participate in any network activities regardless of age, affiliation, experience, or knowledge of Montessori education.
Who We Are
Montessori education options are so widely available, easily accessible, and well-understood that every Minnesota family has the opportunity to choose Montessori education from birth through high school, and has the knowledge to make an informed decision with their child.
~Montessori Materials Swaps
~Informal Social Gatherings
Online Networking
~Newsletters and Announcements
~Facebook Group
~Skills and Service Coop/Exchange
~Streaming Meetings/Video Conference
~Education Events
~Publicity Events
~Topic Meet-ups
~Material Making Co-ops
~Professional Development Opportunities
~Advocacy Initiatives
~Community Service
~Job Opportunity Sharing
~Practice Exploration and Material Inspiration:
Visual Arts "Share a Tray" Science Experiments "Present a Work"
Music Across the Planes "Gift a Note"
~Hot Topic Speaker at a Topic or Quarterly Meeting
~Advertise/Communicate Existing Workshops Offered by Others
~Provide Survey Feedback to Others to Improve \Offerings
~MN State or Regional Montessori Conference
Expert to Practitioner
~Create a common voice to advocate for the expansion and future of Montessori education
~Act as a catalyst for harmonious interaction between Montessorians and other education organizations
~Monitor and disseminate pertinent education legislation information to keep the Montessori community informed of all local, State, and National actions and events that might affect the community's ability to achieve goals
~Ensure that all government entities withing the State understand and support the Montessori community's mission
~Organize responses to address issues of public policy that may affect education in general and Montessori specifically
Community Outreach and Education
Professional Development
Quarterly Meeting at Great River - 10/6
Scout Education MN Conference 10/16-17
Advocacy in Action Gathering - 10/22
Adult Field Trip &
Montessori Ed Week Planning November 15
So Many
Happy Holiday Events Already!
Quarterly Meeting

SATURDAY! January 17
Montessori Ed Week Campaign
Advocacy in Action Initiative
Alumni Project Planning Meeting
February 5
Montessori Ed Week Events
February 22-28
Feed My Starving Children Community Service Event
March 28
Quarterly Meeting
April 13 at Lake Country
Practice Sharing
Material Making
Parent Ed
Alumni Connection
Montessori Charter Community of Practice Launch
May 9
Little Neighborhood Library Service Event
June 21
Quarterly Meeting
Duluth July 18
Montessori at the MN State Fair!
August 22
To Events
To Schools
To Resources
Montessori Ed Week Campaign
Our Present Focus is NOT to:
~Certify or Credential Teachers
~Accredit Schools
~Require Membership
~Initiate or incubate Schools
~Evaluate Authenticity
~Conduct or Sponsor Scholarly Research
~Offer Grants or Financing
~Promote/Represent Specific Schools or Practitioners
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