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Hora Del Cafe

An Overview Of HDC


on 3 August 2010

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Transcript of Hora Del Cafe

Hora Del Cafe Leadership Gabe Wiborg Ernesto Escareno Lila Rapcewicz Alisa cohen Co-president
International Accounting, Sr. Accountant
Research & Development, Project Specialist Officer Of Community and Cultural Affairs
Food Service, Inside Sales
Intrapersonal Skills

Officer Of Creativity
Creative Department, Program Manager
Manages artistic and creative aspects
Strong project management skills

Body Strong Head Hora Del Cafe A Hispanic affinity group commited to creating an environment for partners to develop professionally, building cultural awareness, celebrating Hispanic culture, while affecting the community in a positive way. The Three Pillars Professional Development Celebrating and Building Cultural Awareness Goals History .....Dec 08..................Feb 09....................Sept 09.........................FY '10.... And the future ahead! A presentation for anyone. But, not just anyone, everyone. And not just everyone, especially you. Hora Del Cafe Presents... Hora Del Cafe Presents... To gain Executive Sponsor and Advisor Leadership Transition
Memebership Engagement
Leadership Positions
Make Your Mark (PSL)

Relationship with El Cetro Del La Raza
Support of Annual Fund raising
Exeutive Sponsor and Advisor
Cinco De Mayo Increse membership engagement
Volunteer opprotunities once a quarter
Ongoing relationships with Cultural centers Increase opprotunities for Hispanics Creat an environment and opprotunities for our embership and partners to develop in their career
Creat opprotunities for our emberhip ad partenrs in gerneral to iprove their skills
Networking opprotunities
spanih classes Impact the community in a Positive Way Build relationships with comunity centers Be active in suporting the cmmunity by volunteering, donating time and money, .... Exposure of cultural traditions, music, food, ideas, and way of life
Cinco De Mayo
Dia de los Muertos
Hispanic Heritage Month
What Do Members get out of our Network? Increase membership BCreeat new opprotunities Bring new awareness to partners of Hispanic... Creat an overall image of our network Where do we want to take the network? Objectives??? How are we going to complete these goals? Solicit exceutive leadership for support and guidance and structure
Send out emails
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