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Disruptive Language

No description

Clare Farrow

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Disruptive Language

Disruptive Language Fact- Opinion Confusion
Fact-Inference Confusion
Emotive Language Factual statements: claims that are true or false
Opinion statements: the belief of the speaker, which can not be proved or disproved The problem?
We express our opinions as if they are facts! The solution?
QUALIFY! Inferential statements: conclusions we make based on an interpretation of evidence The problem?
We aren't mind readers. The solution?
Use the perception checking skills we learned. After identifying a behavior, come up with one or more explanations, then ask for clarification. Emotive language: descriptors that reveal the speaker's attitude towards a subject through the positive or negative connotation of the word The problem?
Emotive language is not always bad, but it can be considered offensive and holds the risk of not being received well by the audience. The solution?
Use neutral terms!
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