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Open your book to page 125. Do the vocab exercise in your no

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Hamza Ahktar

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Open your book to page 125. Do the vocab exercise in your no

Page 142. Identify the film techniques used in the scenes of the movie you have viewed or have used in your Google Slides for the film terms project. Refer to the film terms on page 138 or from the Google slides you submitted in class.
page 119 #4. Page 120 #1
Collaborate with your team how to present your responses in the chart paper provided. You will be graded based on the team's creativity and teamwork. (30 pts.)
6. Who is Ruth? What is her relationship to the Putnams? What is wrong with her? How do the Putnams tie her problem to Betty's?
7. Who is Mercy Lewis? What is her relationship to the Putnams?

8. What does the conversation between Abigail, Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren, and Betty reveal about their recent activities?
9. Who is John Proctor? What is his relationship to Mary Warren? What is his relationship to Abigail? How does he feel about his relationship with Abigail?

10. Who is Elizabeth Proctor? What does Abigail think of her? How might this affect the outcome of the play?
Choose one book you have listed with your partner (feminist reads list). Write an essay (1.5 pages minimum) regarding the material you have chosen. Your essay should include the ff: (five paragraph essay)
* The introduction that includes the author and the book.
* A paragraph describing what the book is about.
* What are the roles of women in the novel? What is expected of them?
* Write about the gender issues raised by the author.
* Conclusion focusing on the feminist critical lens.

The Chaser discussion questions.

1.Looking at the beginning of the story, what impression do we get of Alan Austen?
2. What things make the story sound realistic? What things in it seem unrealistic?
3. Looking back at the story, what clues were planted that might have led you to expect the ending?
4. List the effects the potion will have on Alan’s beloved. How does Alan react to the old man’s promises?
5. What does the title of the story mean to you?

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