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Mythbusters Waterslide Wipeout

No description

CJ Sieling

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Mythbusters Waterslide Wipeout

Scatterplots, Correlation,
Line of Best Fit & Predictions


Real or Fake?
Think to Yourself.
Get ready to share your thoughts.
A quick summary of their work
Now we will
do the Math
What did we find out?
What did Mythbusters find out?
Water Slide YouTube Video
almost 1 million hits
Let's Play
if you
If you
If you are not sure what to try
type in one of these:
y = x y=sin(x)
y=ax^2 x^2+y^2=16
Type in this Stuff
Time To MythBust!
The graph should look like this.
Adjust the equation to get the best "fit" possible.
y=0.7x - 50
Try making the 0.7 bigger or smaller
Try making the -50 bigger or smaller
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