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5 Quick Pointers for Productive Meetings

from the SlideGenius blog: slidegenius.com/blog/productive-business-meetings/

Mika Pangilinan

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of 5 Quick Pointers for Productive Meetings

5 Quick Pointers for Productive Meetings
Business meetings can be notoriously dull. These 5 pointers will help you conduct meetings that are both productive and engaging.
Figure out your goals and objectives
Before calling for a meeting, identify your main objective and figure out the goals you want accomplished.

Ask yourself,
The business world is fast-paced and schedules are usually packed with dozens of activities throughout the day. Make sure you use everyone’s time wisely.

Is a meeting actually necessary to meet your objective?

Will be you be able to gather answers by simply communicating through email or a quick phone call?
Don’t go over the
time limit
Set a time limit and follow through. Don’t let your meetings drag on beyond the schedule. Practice your presentation with a timer and adjust accordingly.
List down all the topics you want covered, discussed, and resolved. Start with the most pressing matter and move down to issues that are less important.
Have an agenda
and stick to it
Maintain Focus:
Be sure to distribute the agenda beforehand to give attendees some prior notice.
Don’t monopolize the discussion just because you’re the one taking the lead. Give attendees the opportunity to provide feedback.
Encourage feedback and discussion
You can encourage free-flowing conversations by making use of a non-linear presentation instead.
If your meeting is successful, everyone will leave the conference room with their own action items. To keep everyone productive, don’t forget to remind others of their tasks through follow-ups.
Follow up with
the attendees
Keep track:
Designate someone in the group to list down all the action items and post it to a shared document. This will help everyone keep track of what needs to be done after the meeting.
Based on "5 Quick Pointers for Productive Business Meetings" from the SlideGenius blog
Pictures by Markus Spiske via Flickr
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