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Under a False Flag

No description

Tara Kemp

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Under a False Flag

Young Will
The Mannings- Middle-Class Live In Agri. City of Chillan (250 Miles South of Santiago)

Ernesto- Gabi's bro. has a secret- Gay
Manning family trust Ricardo Allen- especially Gabi and Ernesto

Victor- Ernesto's lover- turns snitch is paid by Ricardo for info
on students and faculty at the university and on anyone that may
be of interest. MICE
Ricardo gives info to Lipton on Manning family and on Ernesto's

Ricardo has fallen madly in love with Gabriela and she with
him. Ricardo feels terrible about lying to the Mannings. He
has a crisis of conscience. He is torn b/t duty and love.

Presidential palace- Sept. 11th, 1973 "La Moneda" is under attack.
The military coup starts,
Allende speaks for the last time. Suicide or by Airforce?

Young Will
It is firm and continuing policy that Allende be overthrown by a coup... We are to continue to generate maximum pressure toward this end utilizing every appropriate resource. It is imperative that these actions be implemented clandestinely and securely so that the USG and American hand will be well hidden
Unit One
Unit One
Unit Two- True or More True?
Will Allen
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
About Tom Gething
Tom Gething
Unit Three
Native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Received his B.A. in English from University of Arizona in 1975
Spent a year teaching in Mexico, then went into international business
Under a False Flag, about the 1973 coup in Chile, is his first novel
Primarily based on historical research, the novel builds on his experience living, working, and traveling in Latin America.
Under a False Flag
Gabriela- beautiful, single, likes horses, works at the right leaning news paper "Aurora"

During an interview with journalist David Preston he was asked if he had any involvement with the CIA himself as an 'international businessman'? His response:

"Of course, if I had worked for the CIA I’d probably deny it, but in fact I never have. I once responded to a blind ad for “overseas opportunities” that turned out to be the CIA’s doing. A few times on overseas business trips I met people at
embassies or industry conferences whose demeanor and interests suggested they were CIA. And once, right after the Gulf War, I met a young analyst at an international mining conference who handed me his CIA business card; he was
seeking information about tunneling contracts in Iraq.

I take it as a compliment that you felt the espionage elements of Under a False Flag seemed real. The truth is, there is much information about the CIA written by former CIA officers. For me, the interesting aspect of espionage is not the
tradecraft so much as the deception required—the consequences of living with constant deception on one’s character or, for that matter, on a nation’s character."
The link is included, just in case, anybody would like to read the full interview between Preston and Gething.
"Por la razon o la fuerza"
Ed Lipton

Emilio Girardi
Young CIA agent, 1st CIA job, in Chile to be an "insurance salesman," being trained to take over Bernie's position
Senior CIA operative in Chile, Will's boss
Italian immigrant, owner of regional newspapers and radio stations, supporter of the right-wing
We find Will in his first mission. He is undercover working for insurance company. Will is beginning to learn his new job and we get a glimpse of his college life. We see him start to understand the dirty work that the CIA is doing behind the scenes to control what is going on in Chile. Finally, at the end we see Will pass money to a right-wing supporter who owns several media outlets.
Deceivers and deceived
Truth and Lies
Love and duty
Friendship and betrayal
By reason
By force
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