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Copy of Sport BTEC Assignment 1- Technical and Tactical demands of Sport

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Nicholas Howson

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Sport BTEC Assignment 1- Technical and Tactical demands of Sport

Assignment 1-
Technical and Tactical Demands of Sports Sport BTEC Football is a demanding sport tactically as you have to face different teams and formations.
Tactics are used to help the team to achieve victory.
Throughout the game of football the tactics will change due to different conditions such as scorelines, injuries, opposing team formations, fixtures and weather Tactical Demands on Football Skills involved in football are mostly of a Gross Motor skill as they are not making small muscular movements to change the way a ball is being played.
A footballer has to have good perceptual skills has they have to analyze read and interpret the game to be able to achieve a goal or target. Technical Skills involved in Football. Tennis Technical Skill involved in Tennis. The tactical demands for motor sports are very different to any other sport as it is the team that devises the tactics not the driver.
The tactics include pit stops strategies and fuel usage.
The pit stops are the key tactical component involved in motor sport as they have to workout the position on exit to make sure they get a good finish. Tactical demands on Motorsport. Tactical Demands on Tennis. Involved in motor sport there are a lot of discrete skills as the driver goes around the course.
A driver only goes through discrete motor skills as he turns the wheel of the car. Technical skill involved on Motorsport. The tactical demands of tennis are different to those of football because it is an individual sport.
A tennis player has to work on the opponents weaknesses as a player.
There are a lot many tactical demands on the sport as decision making is key. Compare and Contrast the three sports.
with football being a team sport there is alot of position to take into a count when making tactics so has a higher level of involvement. were as motorsport and tennis are individual sports but are different in different ways as one has a lot of different skills involved and motor sport. With your Assessment sheet,
try to identify which shots are
played an where:
Drop-Shot 1.With a slice shot, does the ball travel higher or lower over the net than a normal shot? Lower 2. Will you hold the racquet with one
or two hands for a backhand slice? 2 3. When you bring your racquet back before you make contact should it be below or above the height of the incoming ball? Above 4. Where should the
racquet finish at the end of the shot? Extended and in front of you 5. Where should you place you non-racquet hand for maximum effect? Straight out behind you With your resource sheet, indicate where the shots are being played in the Murray/Djokovich rally......You'd better be quick. Try it again. This time with Justine Henin and Venus Williams What are Technical Skills? There are 3 types of technical skills.
These Continuous, serial & discrete. What is a Continuous Skill? Serial? Other serial skills could be high jump, triple jump, pole vault, dribbling in football, 400 metre hurdle race Discrete Skills Discrete skills include golf swing, snooker shot, board diving, putting in golf, throw-in in football 1st Part:
3 sports - Introduction, explain the various elements and talk about a
continuous, serial and
discrete skill
in each 2nd Part: You need to comment on how tactics are appropriately applied to these selected sports. This includes positioning, choice of strokes and shots, variation, conditions and use of space. You might want to draw some inspiration from
the London 2012 Olympics.
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