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Aldous Huxley Biography

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on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Aldous Huxley Biography

29 July, 1894 - 22 November, 1963

Born in Godalming, Surrey

Parents - Leonard Huxley and Julia Francis Arnold

Grandfather, Thomas Henry Huxley was naturalist/biologist

Great uncle was a poet, Matthew Arnold

Favorite aunt was Mrs. Humphrey Ward Victorian novelist

Brothers were Julian, Andrew and Noel Huxley

Aldous was the third son
Meet the Family
Eton and Balliol College, an institution in Oxford University, England

D.H. Lawrence and T.S. Eliot

1916 - Huxley received a First (highest honors) in English Literature.

Earned a B.A. in English Literature at Balliol.

Poor eyesight forced him to abandon scientific fields he was to pursue

For cash, Huxley to use his literary talents, publishing his first collection of poetry in 1916
It shows government intervention
World State Community is based on consumption.
Economic Stability is key.
"Ending is better than mending." (p.43)
"The more stitches the less riches." (p.44)
Ex. Country Sports
Early Life
Mother passed away in 1908.
1911, Huxley became ill with keratitis punctata.
Became practically blind, but recovered.
1914, His older brother, Noel, committed suicide.
Brothers Julian and Andrew were scientists (biologists).
Eyesight was poor, could not pursue science.
Instead, he turned to literature

Aldous Huxley Biography
Imperial Chemical Industry - Billingham
the advancement of the companies inspired Huxley.
The "Feelies" were based on the "talkies" movies in the 1920's.
First operational helicopter was built in 1936.
Chewing gum invented in 1920's.
Could not volunteer to for WWI
1916, published his first volume of poems, "The Burning Wheel"
In 1920, married his first wife Maria Nys, they had a son named Matthew
lived in Italy in 1920’s with Lawrence (famous writer)
Our Lord and Savior, Henry Ford
Based on the actual Henry Ford
A symbol of the advancement of technology
It was a start to a new age
Assembly lines in the car manufacturing companies, same idea with the ovas and how babies were produced
Mass Production of babies, similar to mass production of everything at that time
Humans were standardized
Production based from supply and demand
The “T” is similar to cross of Christianity
No religion, but there is always a creator
Must respect the creator
Life in California
1937, he moved to Hollywood with his family
Became a screenwriter in Hollywood
1937, he joined the Vendanta movement after meeting Swami Prabhavananda
1953, he began experimenting with drugs such as LSD
In 1955, his wife Maria died of breast cancer
In 1956, Huxley married Laura Archera
November 22, 1963, Aldous Huxley died of cancer
Ford is
the Lord
Public Reaction
BNW shows Huxley's concern about changes in western cultural.

It is a remake of the society in the 1920's but with the factors exaggerated.
Life after Completing his Education
H. G. Wells, his utopian novels inspired Huxley
Imperial Chemical Industries newly opened plants gave Huxley a detailed process of the work being done
Shakespeare's work is also used as inspiration (his work is sited several times in the book)

Described as "largely chilly"

Outrage panic of literary criticism

Huxley's version of the future

Gained much popularity in the
20th century
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