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ACP US History/English 11H Seminar: May 15 & 17

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Candice Beelaert

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of ACP US History/English 11H Seminar: May 15 & 17

ACP US History/English 11H Seminar: May 15 & 17
Tuesday, May 15th
ACP US History/English 11H Seminar: Tuesday, May 15th
1. Entrance activity: Field Trip journal prompt
2. JFK Assassination
--comparison between Kennedy and Lincoln
3. Civil Rights Movement
--compare Malcolm X with MLK, Jr.
4. Chapter 24 notes
5. Civil Rights Assignment
6. Field Trip
--journal response discussion/quote connection
--contrasts-->find evidence from the other chapters that describe the shit field then vs. how it is in the present (think about feelings and things, also think about how he is with his daughter now)
7. Read aloud: Night Life
8. Work time--Pennstock

HW: read Ghost Soldiers for Thursday (180-207)

English unit final: 5/30
ACP Final: 6/1

Please open your Chrome book and access the journal prompt for Field Trip in Google Classroom. Please answer each question thoughtfully.
Choose one quote and explain how it fits with the general feelings towards the Vietnam War and the aftermath.

1. "Like coming over here. Some dumb thing happens a long time ago and you can't ever forget it."
"And that's bad?"
"No," she said. "That's weird."

2. This little field, I thought, had swallowed so much. My best friend. My pride. My belief in myself as a man of some small dignity and courage. Still, it was hard to find any real emotion. It simply wasn't there. After that long night in the rain, I'd seemed to grow cold inside, all the illusions gone, all the old ambitions and hopes for myself sucked away into the mud. Over the ears, that coldness had never completely disappeared."

3. "Twenty years. A lot like yesterday, a lot like never. In a way, maybe, I'd gone under with Kiowa, and now after two decades I'd mostly worked my way out."

Thursday, May 17th
ACP US History/English 11H Seminar: Thursday, May 17th
1. Discussion of Civil Rights Events
--identify events and draw conclusions
2. Emmett Till
--"Eyes on the Prize" vignette
3. Little Rock 9 vignette
4. Why did people resist desegregation?
5. What was the black community willing to do to gain civil rights?
6. Chapter 24 notes
7. Journal Prompt: Ghost Soldiers
8. Group Reading Questions: Ghost Soldiers and Night Life
--discussion of chapters
--category activity
--start cell phone app activity
9. Reading/Pennstock time

HW: Read The Lives of the Dead (213-233) for Monday
: cell phone app activity due Wednesday

Pick up the handout from Mr. Ball's desk. Use Google to identify the significance of each civil rights event. What is the connection between these four events?
Eyes on the Prize
Emmett Till
Little Rock 9
Ghost Soldiers Key Words

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