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Possibilities without Plastics

Senior Project

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Transcript of Possibilities without Plastics

Background Plastic has been around since 1862.

In the year 2009, in "260 million tons of plastic [were] manufactured worldwide” (Farber). Plastic is everywhere. Every plastic product ever made is still with us today
unless it has been incinerated which then, in turns creates the deadly toxin Dioxin, as well as others. The Pacific Garbage Patch 90% of all ocean debris is plastic.

The Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the
size of Texas. The Problem The Overconsumption of Plastic.

The whole world is "recycling less than five per cent of all our plastics" (Farber). Petroleum Each plastic product uses petroleum.

Petroleum is a natural resource.

Petroleum is depleting.

Plastic production is a major contributor to petroleum depletion. Solutions Force corporations to produce only safely reusable plastics.

Cap the production of plastics to only necassary production.

Find a safer alternative to petroleum and plastic overall.

Provide easily accesable recycle bins and recycle pick-up.
Future Plans Get my AA Degree

Go to New Zealand

Peace Corps Conclusion Reduce the consumption of plastic.

Reuse plastic products.

Recycle all plastic that is used. The End Works Cited Farber, Katy. "Plastic Overconsumption: The Problem that Won't Go Away." Non-Toxic Kids (2009). Web. 12 Mar 2010. <http://www.non-toxickids.net/2009/05/plastic-overconsumption-problem-that.html>.

"The Effects of Bottled Water on the Environment." AllAboutWater.org. All About Water, 2004. Web. 19 Mar 2010. <http://www.allaboutwater.org/environment.html>.

Energy Information Administration. "Oil: Crude and Petroleum Products Explained." Energy Information Administration (2010). Web. 11 Mar 2010. <http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/energyexplained/index.cfm?page=oil_use>.

http://www.grinningplanet.com/2004/10-05/pet-plastic-bottle-recycling-graph.gif "Roughly 1.5 million tons of plastic are expended in the bottling of 89 billion liters of water each year” (Effects…). http://www.grinningplanet.com/2004/10-05/pet-plastic-bottle-recycling-graph.gif
Plastic Possibilities By: Jaedyn Joers Recycling Educate the public

Save our planet
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