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KFC: Brand Analysis

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preet dhanoa

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of KFC: Brand Analysis

KFC UK: Brand Analysis
Harland Sanders opened his first cafe in 1940, serving customers in Kentucky USA, his unique recipe for southern fried chicken.

By 1962, the KFC brand was a growing franchise and was later sold to a group of investors.
Where it all began..

Real chicken (nothing synthesised)

Unique recipe
Chicken with an irresistible taste only
unique to KFC
Kentucky Fried Chicken is passionate about Chicken.

Added value against all other competitors through product differentiation using only the best quality, British reared chicken with a unique flavour.

Conscious not only on "healthy eating" but ensuring flavoursome food is produced and the happiness of eating together with friends and family
Passionate about Chicken
Logo: Colonel Sanders with a smile on his face represents the fun-loving essence of the brand and company culture

Claims: promoting the company culture and all that KFC stands for..."sogood" highlights all the benefits of the KFC food and brand personality!

Logo & Slogan
By 1965, the UK was blessed with their first KFC restaurant. Today, the legendary tasting chicken is the second best fast food outlet in the UK.

With over 800 restaurants in the UK alone, the Colonel still leads the brand image.

KFC's sales have increased steadily from around £500m in 2004 to nearly £1bn in 2014.
UK takeover...
“create moments of joy that make life so good”
Character & Voice
Fun and Fresh
tasty, good quality british chicken!
Believe in people,
Customer focus,
Break through results,
Know how,
Emotionally driven
strategy behind the advertising

Focus to drive more engagement with consumers. Moving away from just the "families who are tired of cooking" which KFC has done in the past

Consumers feel the way they do about KFC because of the food. Therefore, food is always at the center of KFC advertising.

All voice overs should mention "freshly prepared" in adverts
KFC biggest campaign yet launched in September for the new Pulled Chicken Burger.
Aligning a 360 model, KFC combine TV, print, outdoor, PR and digital to communicate the “best things in life take time” strategy with the aim of lifting the premium credentials of the brand.
Pulled chicken campaign 2014:
Over 35million Facebook likes

640K followers on Twitter

Online delivery service straight to your door

Informative brand website offering customers a behind the scene view of the chickens, menu and fun-loving insight into the company culture and values.

KFC was the first to test an online advertising format that allows it to create personalised video promotions that change according to location , the weather and shopper behaviour.

In Store
The pride and energy of the brand is also reflected in the stores and customer experience. Staff work well as a team and are well educated in new products.

Each restaurant follows the same relaxed and contemporary theme, which portrays the fun and inviting environment for friends and family to enjoy
A fresh experience is the attitude which filters down new ideas, rejuvenation and always surprising the market with ideas.

In this presentation you will be given a topline analysis of the KFC brand in the UK.

ATL strategies
To conclude, it is no wonder why KFC is such a strong player in the fast-food industry.
Never shy of what the brand stands for, KFC continue to delivery tasty and well sourced fast food to all it's consumers.
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