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Tajweed Course Class #2 [Idghaam and Iqlaab]

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Michael Deonarain

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Tajweed Course Class #2 [Idghaam and Iqlaab]

Tajweed Course
without Ghunna
This includes the letters:

Raa and Laam

It is known as Idghaam Kaamil (Full) because you are only combining the letters without performing anything extra like ghunna


Class #2: Idghaam and Iqlaab
Idghaam is broken into two categories
They are Idghaam
with Ghunna
and Idghaam
without Ghunna

with Ghunna
includes the letters:

Yaa, Meem, Waw, and Noon

You combine the letters while performing


Definition of Idghaam
Linguistic: Mazj (to mix things together)

Technical: To combine a noon saakina or tanween at the END of a word with a letter of idghaam from the beginning of a new word until they become one letter
Side Point
with Ghunna
is broken up into two more categories:

1. Taam (Complete) this includes letters Meem and Noon

2. Naaqis (Incomplete) this includes letters Waw and Yaa

Letters of Idghaam?
They are six:

Yaa, Raa, Meem, Laam, Waw, and Noon

They can easily be memorized by remembering this word:
By: Abu Awzaa'ee AbdusSalaam
Hunter College Fall '14
Question: Can idghaam occur in the middle of a word?
Definition of Iqlaab
Linguistic: To change something from its original state

Technical: Changing a Noon Saakina or Tanween to a hidden Meem with Ghunna when the letter Baa comes after it.

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