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The Grimm Legacy

No description

Sarah Colden

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of The Grimm Legacy

The Grimm Legacy Written by Polly Shulman Genre: Fantasy and Mystery This is one of my favorite genres because it puts you into a world of impossibilities, and expands your imagination while leaving you with suspence. After writing a report on the Grimm Brothers, Elizabeth's social studies teacher tells her about an interview at an unusual library. This library doesn't lend out books, but objects. After excitingly earning the position as a page, Elizabeth finds out she was the replacement for a page that went missing. As scary as it is, she overhears Marc and Anjali, two other pages, talking about magic. Turns out there is a secret room in the basement that holds magical items from the Grimm Brothers fairytales. The objects can heal the wounded, and hurt the hurtles. When items in the magical room start to go missing, and rumors of a gigantic bird start roaming around, the pages start to get nervous. A few weeks later they spot the bird three times while working with magical objects. Is the bird out to get the pages, the irreplaceable items, or both? Summary *Main Characters* Elizabeth Rew Anjali Marc Elizabeth grew up loving fairytales. After receiving an assignment by her social studies teacher, it was a given that she had to write it on The Grimm Brothers and their fairytales. Her teacher, being surprised on her choice, offers her an interview with the New York Circulating Material Repository.The strange thing about this repository is that it does not lend out books, but objects. After excitingly earning the position as a page, a few days later weird things start happening. Objects at the library start to go missing, not just normal objects, but magical objects. These objects are part of the Grimm Brothers ' fairytales. It is up to Elizabeth, Anjali, and Marc to find out where these objects are going to. When trouble hits them and someone turns Anjali into a doll, it makes it even harder for the pages to find the objects, while trying to get Anjali to turn back into a girl. Will the pages figure out who is stealing these magical objects? Or will Anjali stay a doll for the rest of her life? http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6860305&height=400&width=300 http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6860391&height=400&width=300 http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6875810&height=400&width=300 The setting of this book takes place in the New York Circulating Material Repository. This place is very mysterious. When you are inside it makes you feel like it is never ending in it's height and width. Setting Main Conflicts The pages have to figure out: Irreplaceable objects keep disappearing Anjali turns into a doll and the pages don't know how to turn her back into a girl Message The message was to never give up and to keep trying. Even when there is a bump in the road, everyone should keep trying. Connections? Text to World I felt that there is a text to world connection between the New York Circulating Repository and an actual library. In a larger library there are pages that bring you the book(s) that you want, and a patron is someone who checks it out. In the Repository the pages bring you the object(s) that you want to loan out, and the person who checks the object out is also called a patron. Text to Self I didn't feel that I had a connection to just Elizabeth or Anjali, but to both of them. I felt like both of their personalities reflected mine. They are both smart and can sometimes be a little crazy. Rating of Book I really liked this book because of the authors style of writing. Also before each chapter there is a picture that helps explain what the chapter is going to be like and it for shadows a little bit. This is an interesting book and leaves you on your seat wanting to read more. *Intended Audience* This book would be a great read for any teenager who likes mystery and fantasy.
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