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3rd Grade Classroom Economy

No description

Rosalynne Duff

on 21 July 2016

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Transcript of 3rd Grade Classroom Economy

What is a classroom econonmy?
A classroom economy is a system of managing our class using money for rewards and payments.
Yes, you can lose your job!

Reasons you can lose your job:

Incorrect behavior in/out
Too many recovery room visits
Not doing your job

If you lose your job you will know it because your teacher will give you a PINK SLIP that states you will have 3 days to submit in writing what you did to loose your job, what will you do differently when you get your job back, and agree to meet with a teacher for a check-in.
When will I get paid?

August 26
September 30
October 28
November 18
December 16
January 27
February 24
March 31
April 28

Can I lose my job?
Image by Tom Mooring
If I lose my job how can I earn it back?
3rd Grade Classroom Economy
PINK SLIP Conferencing
1st meeting: You receive a pink slip, details about why you lost your job and how to get it back . You will have to write a reinstatement letter.

2nd meeting: Review reinstatement letter and check-up on progress.

3rd meeting: Check-up on progress. At this
time you will receive your job back or be
fully terminated

How will I get paid?
How does our classroom economy work?
Scholars will be given a job list. You can apply to a job based on skills or interest. You will have to fill out a job application. Some jobs require a recommendation from a teacher you worked with last year. Also, there will be an interview process.
Will I have a job?
Everyone will have a job!
What will the interview process be like?
Each job applicant will meet with a teacher (teachers) to answer questions related to the job requirement
You will receive a paycheck for points earned on ClassDojo per month. Points will be earned based on academic performance and behavior.

The banker will issue your check and you will deposit it into The Bank of Kindezi.
What are the rewards?
What can I purchase?
You will have a chance to use your earned income to purchase an item or entry into an event.
What are my payments?

You will have to pay classroom tuition (money for your education) and rent for your scholar chair.
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