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The Outsiders

The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton

Georgia Smith

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of The Outsiders

One night at the movies a couple of the Greasers met two of the Socs girlfriends. They sat with them doing no harm. Later that night, as Johnny and Ponyboy were sitting in the parking lot, the Socs came for revenge. In order for them not to drown ponyboy, Johnny stabs Bob, a so. Johnny and Ponyboy run away, and tell Dally. They sit in a abandoned warehouse for weeks. One day there was a fire set, and kids were in the church. Ponyboy and Johnny decided to be brave, and jump in the burning house to save the kids. Johnny gets hit with a part of the burning roof. Johnny proceeds to eventually dying. During this time, The socs and the Greasers schedule a big rumble. The Greasers win, but with this news also comes the sadnews of johnnys death. From this they learn there is no use from fighting. Dally is also so overwhelmed with the death, that he goes and gets the police to kill him. PonyBoy was basically
the main character
throughout the whole book.
He was 14
Brother of Sodapop and
Youngest in the group
Smartest in the group
Best Friends With Jonnhy Johnny was the gangs
"Puppy"Everyone loved him,
and you could'nt really be
mean to him
Center of attention during
end of book
Abused By parentsWas
mugged by the Socs
and was traumatized Dally was the toughest in
the gang. He went to jail
a lot. He Loves Johnny
with all his heart Cherry was a Soc
Bob was hre boyfriend
liked to talk to ponyboy
Met Johnny, Ponyboy
and Dally at the movies Darry was Ponyboy
and Soda's big brother
He cared about them
Droped out of
Highschool to work

In this book there are two opposite gangs. The Socs are rich.They drive mustangs, and wear madras.The Greasers, are poor. They wear mainly hair grease, and T-Shirts. The two gangs are rivals.They fight wherever they can. This is because the Socsthink they are better than the greasers and look down on them.
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