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Santiago, Chile

No description

Sierra Arellano

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Santiago, Chile

(Human Characteristics)
By: Sierra Arellano Santiago, Chile Here are some festivals from Santiago, Chile: Sen Sabasti Feast Day: This is held in the small town of Yumbel and is one of the most colorful festivals in Chile. Hundreds of thousands of people come on the town to pay respect to the saint with parades, songs and a marvellous candle display at night! Love Parade: Takes over Santiago as thousands of partiers dance in the streets until dawn. Dozens of floats and nearly 100 DJs from around the world take center stage to create an unbelievable dance party. The Santiago Jazz Festival: This festival brings many top musicians to the city for a week of great outdoor live music in the parks. All styles of jazz are represented and all of the concerts are free! February Festivals January Festivals March Festivals Vinos De Chile: This wine festival brings over 30 of Chile’s vineyards to Santiago to show off their best wines. The week long event is held in the glamorous Plaza San Francisco Hotel and includes tasting, competitions and other fun events. November Festivals The Santiago International short film festival: This is one of the most important events in Latin American cinema. The festival screens short films by some of the region’s brightest artists. About the people in Santiago Chile The language they mostly speak is Spanish. Most of the people in Santiago Chile are white (95%). Their population in the whole country is 15,980,912. Their religion is mostly Roman Catholic (89%).
Chileans are naturally friendly and warm, but some are shy and reserved when first meeting someone.
Chileans are known for their sharp, witty, and somewhat cynical sense of humor.
The people in Chile eat the main meal at midday and a lighter meal between 8 and 10p.m. They like to talk to each other during meal time either at home or at work. Some people like to have tea time once a week around 5 or 6p.m. Their tea time is somewhat alike to a British tea time, they have beverages, small sandwiches, and cookies and cakes. The best places to see in Santiago Central Santiago
Mercado Central
Palacio de la Moneda
Museo de Santiago

The Maipo river is the main river in Santiago Chile.
This river is very important to the people in Santiago,
Chile because it is the best way to get water when the
river is really big. This river also flows threw some other p-
laces in Chile and it helps them to get water easier too. That's why the Maipo river is so
important to Santiago and other places in Chile. Structures in Santiago, Chile The prettiest structures that i found in Santiago Chile are Pizarras Ibericas in Santiago, Chile, the other one is Edificio Consorcio, Santiago, Chile! Facts about Chile Chileans refer to Americans as Norteamericans!
Chile's population is around 17.07 million, Chile's population is growing at about 0.88 percent
Adults in Chile follow European styles/fashions and are quite sophisticated in urban areas. The younger kids follow north american styles/fashion.
Santiago was founded by the spanish on February 12, 1541 (That makes Santiago Chile 471 years old!).
Santiago's government type is republic.
Chileans prefer for people to be more important than their own job.
When you are invited in a house it is offensive to say no to an offering. Regions Regions

Santiago ,Chile is the only region in Chile that does not have roman numerals. Santiago 41.5 of chile’s gross domestic product. Main language mostly Spanish.


Official name of Chile is the republic of Chile. Santiago Chile is the capitol of Chile. It is about 4 hours in time ahead of Colorado. Regions Regions

Santiago Chile has a lot of wineries. Santiago Chile is dived into 6 provinces and 52 communes! Santiago's intendant is Igor Garafulic. Climate/Land THE END!!! Every year in march, Santiago Chile holds a wine festival. Are you listening adults?! They have over 30 grape yards to show off. It includes wine tasting, wine tasting competitions, and other events. Sound fun adults? Vinos de Chile Like lots of us in the western countries, they celebrate Christmas. But not like us, Christmas is in the middle of summer! So its pretty warm there! Christmas Do you like to party? Well in the love parade, people dance in the streets until the sun rises! Witch means all night! It takes place in January. DJ from all over the world attend this party. The love parade The climate in Santiago Chile is great for farming. Only sometimes. Only 3% of population lives there. Because of chilly weather. Climate Every year at the last week of February, they hold a festival called, Vina del mar. (festival of music). This popular festival has pop and folk singing contests. There are famous singers at this festival. Vina del mar (festival of music). By, Samantha Schaefer Santiago Chile human interactions. My Sources:
www.hotel travel.com My Sources:
Natural regions of chile
Santiago Metropolitan region
culturegrams My sources:
www.placesonline.com/santiago chile My sources:
www.chile-spanish.com By: Hays Hutchinson Location Chile is located in South America at 33 degrees South and 70 degrees West and it is bordering the South Pacific Ocean between Argentina and Peru. It is also 112 miles long! Physical Chartists, Made and presented by:
Hannah Rock The length of chile is 285,133 square miles long!
This fact is connected to the fact that chile is the longest country in the world! Chile has very many
mountains around it. Growing in chile there is many trees and plants even tough it is very hot and hardly ever rains or is very humid. Movement of Chile By: Amaya Geraghty Movement of Goods
Ships work well because Chile is on the border and ships can easily get in and out.
Most people travel by train because there isn't much traffic.
You can mail almost anything from beverages to articles. Movement of People
Prices are about $0.35 for a short trip, it's more if you want a private bus.
Over night buses are great to go from region to region.
They are quicker than buses, but more expensive
Trucks, cars, and motorcycles
They are more private, but there is a lot of traffic.
there are a total of 372 airports
To go from Arica to Santiago it take a few short hours on a bus it would take 28 hours. Movement of Ideas
There are 85 telephones per 100 people in Chile.
Radio is very popular because people can listen to it when they’re stuck in traffic.
there are 1,490 stations.
there are 184 channels.
there are 5.57 million internet users in Chile. Bibliography Google.com
Google.com/maps Place Thanks for watching! Thanks for watching our presentation, hoped you liked it! BYE!
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