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No description

Berke Etkeser

on 26 December 2014

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He was born in Elazığ December 15,1971.His ancestor is from prophet.His family was one of the leading representatives of the Kadiri Sect.The biggest dream in his life was to be the Hotel Manager.He went to Canada because he wasn't successful in Turkey.
He studied hotel management in Canada.He did his internship in America,Philadelphia.He had planned to live in the USA for the future.He removed all obstacles to get the green card.
He came to Turkey.He did his military duty and paid money.Return ticket now will change the moment of fate because of the tickets he bought on Tuesday September 11,2001.
Because of the September 11 attacks,his aircraft returned to Ankara .His family didn't want him to go to America for safety reasons.
Then,he went to Ukraine and lived there for a while.When he got back to Ankara and found insurance company.However,there was somebody who wanted him to do another job.This person is Osman Sınav.
He was working on the Kurtlar Vadisi project.Oneday,Osman Sınav visited him and offered him the leading actor role.At the first time Necati Şaşmaz was puzzled but then he accepted.
The series was on TV got very high ratings.So that was the Turkey cherub like a Polat Alemdar.
Associate professor Hülya Uğur Tanrıover definition:"Necati Şaşmaz's the most important charecteristics is that he doesn't have any.He isn't handsome,he can't zap girls heart but He is public's man!
A survey among university and high school students resulted in the favor of Necati Şaşmaz.
Necati Şaşmaz kissed Sharon Stone who is the most beautiful woman the world and he commended on twitter "I wasn't excited."
He said that Everyone in his private life in "Polat Alemdar".
He married in December 12,2012 to Nagehan Kaşıkçı.
He still plays the lead role in the series of KVP.KVP is the longest lasting series in Turkey and every week it has high ratings.At the same time,KVP is on TV in nearly 30 countries around the world.
He purchased all of the company PANA and he is in the scenerio team.On the day of the september 11,2001 if he hadn't been back from the half way of United States,now he would be an office manager at a medium sized hotel.
Unknown information about Necati Şaşmaz
In high school,he was the only boy in a class of 30 student.He went to America without knowing any English.He doesn't support any team.He drives the car fast.He loves cooking.
His father's name is Abdulkadir.His mother's name is Sahil.His brothers' names are Raci and Zübeyr.His grandfather's name is Tayyar.His grandfather's is Sheikh.His father is Kadiri Sect leader.
His primary school teacher's name is Emine.His grandmother's name is Feride.
height:1.73 weight:74
Car:Grand Cherokee
favourite dishes:kara lahana dolması,içli köfte,harput köfte.
drink:ayran,tea dessert:güllaç
Necati Şaşmaz's Aphorisms
I laugh at the death of what you can not afford to death I'm living for you!

Ölüm ölüm dediğin nedir ki gülüm,ben senin için yaşamayı göze almışım!
You can remove the bullet in a head,but you can't remove the ideas in a head even if you cut it!

Kafaya giren kurşunu çıkartırsın ama kafaya giren şüpheyi o kafayı kessende çıkartamazsın!
I can not take the salute of dishonest,I take life them!

Ben şerefsizlerin selamını değil canını alırım!
Man does not love,he is loved!

Erkek adam sevmez sevilir!
Living is not something that worths begging!

Yaşamak yalvarmaya değecek bir şey değildir!
If you want,you can kill all the loved ones I'm not turning my way!

İstersen bütün sevdiklerimi öldürebilirsin ben yolumdan dönmem!
I don't cut racon,I cut head!
I don't threaten,I do to regret!

Racon kesmem,kafa keserim!
Tehdit etmem,pişman ederim!
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